Glamorous Holiday Look

Well hello! time just flies by, and soon it’s Christmas. I’ve already tried out a look that I think I’m going to go for at our Christmas eve gathering. I was going to post it this weekend, but suddenly my boss decided that we’re going going on a surprise trip to Warsaw, Poland! so that’s what I’ve been up to this weekend instead. I will probably post some pics later ~ But anyway!

My look for Christmas:


One-piece jumpsuit from Gina Tricot
Blazer from H&M
Belt and necklace from Shibuya 109
Earrings from Glitter

Circle lenses: Geo Holicat Funky Blue XHC-502 from

And I’m actually making a hair tutorial for this look right now. So I will try to post it as soon as possible!

★:゚*☆※>o(´ー´*)Happy Holidays(*´ー´)o<※☆:゚*★

No Game No Life Cosplay

Hello! Ok this is crazy, but I decided to do a cosplay for the first time in forever (I think it was like … 10 years since last time I did a cosplay?!). I decided to do a character from a new anime that I really like called No Game No Life. I decided to cosplay the character “Shiro“. which is actually an 11 year old girl so I don’t know why I thought that was a good idea haha, but anyway!

But, since I’m terribly bad at sewing (and frankly I think it’s kinda boring….) I decided to buy a costume from eBay! … ^^;; I’m not going to go to any cosplay competitions or anything anyway, I just wanted to dress upp! And I found this Shiro costume from a seller called “zhu0808ww“, and it was really cheap and looked nice. I used their measurements guide the best I could, and ordered “M” size. And luckily it fit quite perfectly! Maybe it was just a tiny bit too big, but better too big than too small.

Circle lenses: Geo Holicat Barbie Hazel
I actually wanted to try the Geo Color Nine Deep Red lenses for this look, but apparently they’re going to be discontinued so I couldn’t order them :( too bad! I think they would have been perfect..

The wig I used in an old white wig I had lying around (also from ebay, but this particular one is no longer available). I thought about buying a Shiro styled wig from ebay as well, but all the ones I could find were a bit too colorful in my opinion. I imagine Shiro having white hair with just a small tint of color. So I dyed the wig a bit violet, by using Directions – Violet hair dye and mixing it with water. Then I gently let the wig soak in the water for some time. Super easy! I also cheated and added some extra blue color in photoshop ;p

Pics from my instagram ~

Link to the Shiro Costume

Link to the seller on eBay

(mostly) Vegan Friendsgiving

Hello! Sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been so busy. Last weekend for example I was busy making food for our annual “family dinner”. Not that we are a real family, but we’re close friends (that I don’t see very often though..) so it kind of feels like family. And this time it was close to Thanksgiving, but since we don’t usually celebrate that in Sweden, I’m calling it our “Friendsgiving”. Everyone makes some food to bring, and then we share.

And since most of my friends (but not all) are vegan, most of the dishes usually are so. Which I really love. But you can’t have Thanksgiving without turkey, right? :D

I wish I could share all the delicious recipes, but frankly I don’t have them. And maybe that’s alright since this feels kind of special, and ours, so I think I would like to to keep it that way.


My look for the occasion ~

Dress from Sneep Dip (Shibuya 109)
Belt from somewhere in Shibuya 109
Shoes from somewhere in Studio Alta
Necklace from Glitter

Circle lenses are: EOS Fay 3 Tone Blue from


Tokyo, tadaima

Hello! I just got back from my trip to Tokyo, Japan. We left Stockholm on October 23, and stayed in Tokyo until November 3. So all in all the trip was about 12 days (waaaay to short in my opinion) Me and Johan was first thinking about going other places except for Tokyo, such as Osaka (since we really enjoyed it last time we were there), or maybe visit one of our friends who live in Nagano. But, with such short amount of time and so much we wanted to do in Tokyo, we decided to just stay in Tokyo.

As usual I forgot taking pictures most of the time, but I managed to snap a few. I also uploaded pictures to my Twitter and Instagram, so I might do another post with those later! And I was also filming a bit, so I’ll try to make a little travel video later ^_^ Until then, here are some photos I took with my Sony a580 and Sigma 50mm macro lens. And sorry for the bad picture quality.. I’ll see if I can upload them with better resolution soon!


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My new workspace

Hello! I decided it was time for a little update about my home! Mainly about my desk. If you’ve read this old blogpost, you might remember that I used to have my workspace at the far end of our desk close to the hallway. Me and my boyfriend Johan also used to have a roommate, so we used to be 3 people sharing the desk. But now he has moved out, so me and Johan decided to switch places. So now I have this cosy little space in the corner!

Sorry for the somewhat bad quality of the photos, it was a bit dark outside when taking them ~

Moving in progress:
it turned out to be a lot harder than it looks haha. And very messy!

But we’re very happy with the finished result:

I haven’t really decided what more to do with my desk. If I want to decorate it in some way, or keep it very simple and minimalistic. We’ll see!

… Also, we’re going to JAPAN tomorrow! So I’ll probably blog about that soon :D Stay tuned!