Like an old Photograph…

Hello and welcome to my new blog!

This blog has been closed for a while, but now I’m back! and in english! A lot of things has happend, and I don’t know if I have time to explain everything. I’ve been on a rollercoaster ride for quite some time now. It all started when my boyfriend dumped me and I had nowhere to go. or, well, that’s not really true.. I got to go home to my parents. and thank god for that! I couldn’t do anything but lie in bed for a couple of weeks. but now I’m finally back at my feet! almost… baby steps. Now I’m going to start my life anew, therefore all my earlier blog posts are gone. but I’m gonna fill it up with new ones. Stay in tune Stockholm, ’cause I’m here to counqer the world!

Tar en liten sväng på svenska också. Som sagt, mycket har hänt. Min blogg har blivit lidande. Men just nu försöker jag bara ta mig igenom vardagen, ett steg i taget.

Like an old photograph, everything isn’t just black and white

There are thousands of colors in between


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