John Mayer live in Copenhagen (30/5 2010)

I just got home from Copenhagen! I was there to see John Mayer play live in Forum. I swear to God, it was probably the best concert I’ve ever been to. John Mayer is such an amazing artist. I never wanted the night to end. I’m a little disappointed that he didn’t do “Your body is a wonderland”. But he did TWO ancores. Not one, but two! he must have loved us. ❤ Here’s the setlist:

1. Assassin
2. No Such Thing
3. Vultures
4. Waiting on the World to Change
5. Perfectly Lonely
6. Stop this Train / My Stupid Mouth / Comfortable / Free Falling
7. Slow Dancing in a Burning Room
8. Belief
9. I’m Gonna Find Another You > Friends, Lovers, or Nothing
10. Who Says
11. Heartbreak Warfare
12. Half Of My Heart > Don’t Stop Believing (Journey cover)

13. Why Georgia
14. Gravity

Encore 2:
15. Bigger Than My Body

John Mayer live in Copenhagen 30/5 2010 <– Spotify playlist made after the setlist

And now I’m back in Sweden… and it just feels so wrong… I’m not supposed to be here… this is not the place for me… I feel like I don’t belong here… I just want to get away… maybe I will..?


7 thoughts on “John Mayer live in Copenhagen (30/5 2010)

  1. OH MY GOD. I was supposed to see it the 31st, he gave two concerts but then got sick from the day you went. So annoyed!!! I hope he comes back. 😡

    Anyways, glad you got to enjoy him. 🙂

  2. I was there too, OH MY GOD it was so amazing!! Definitely one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to, and I highly doubt I will ever see anything that even comes close to that…

  3. Hello there…I just met the bus driver of john mayer at the weekend^^ I only wanted to know who was the last person he was on tour with before he came to be our bus driver…so he told me that he was touring with john mayer 🙂
    I had to think of what I’ve read in your blog and asked him if he also was in copenhagen he only laughed and said yes…sometimes I think the worlds a village..^^

    by the way, I really enjoy reading your blog!! greez from germany ❤

  4. Yae, wow that’s amazing! 😀 how come you’ve got the same bus driver as John Mayer? that’s awesome! but yes, the world is such a small place!

    thank you so much ❤

  5. well, my boyfreind has won 2 backstage tickets for Rock am Ring (maybe you know it? it’s the biggest festival in europe with more than 120.000 people coming there every year..) we could go backstage everywhere we wanted and slept in a big tourbus which was also used at the tour of Lady Gaga and John Mayer in europe 😀 the busdriver Adrian who came all the way from Wales stayed with us those four days….so one evening we sat together drinking some wine and beer and talked about the musicians he already was on tour with and then one thing came to each other^^

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