Key to the Universe

Ok so, when I feel bad, what do I do? I go shopping! … I know I really shouldn’t
but there was a great sale at Indiska, so I bought a lot of things to our new apartment!
So here are some pictures of my new room ❤ It’s not done yet though.
I need to spray paint a few things, and hang up the rice lamps in the corner.

Bedspread, carpet, curtains, cushion and colored pillows from Indiska.
Small table with candles from Chilli.
Chinese wall rolls from.. I think they’re from China.

Decorations from Indiska and Lagerhaus.
Green Tea from ICA Liljeholmen!

Table with candles from Chilli (


13 thoughts on “Key to the Universe

  1. I like your room. I wish hawaii had places with nice furniture… My room is so bland. Just browns, whites and blacks. Imagine an office with a twin size bed In the middle xD

  2. Thank you Boy in hawaii 😀 I actually like the combo brown white and black. you just need to find the right decorations! but of course it’s nice to break with some color from time to time… but hey, you live in hawaii, that’s AWESOME! I would trade with you anytime! it’s so cold here in sweden >_>

    Fredrik, klart jag har kvar dom 😀 dom är ju awesome! den ena börjar gå sönder lite dock >_>

    Tack Gabby 🙂

  3. Alltså Erika… du måste hjälpa mig med inredningen i min nya lya. Vi har samma smak… oke du är liiite mer girly (even though i like pink) …men känns som jag är lika smidig som en snickare som spikar tummen i väggen när det kommer till know-how. :<

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