King of Africa

Hello. Sorry about this post. I haven’t been feeling great lately.
But today I’m going to Tunisia! I’ll be gone for a week or so.
Hopefully it will be great. I need a vacation. I don’t know if I
will have access to internet while I’m there (probably not) so
I won’t be updating my blog. But I’ll tell you all about it when
I get home! And also, I have a suiting soundtrack for my trip:

Douster – King of Africa

Brb – going to Africa!


One thought on “King of Africa

  1. hahaha asså king of africa, erika! det är du!!! ha det jättenice på din semester, njut varje sekund, och försök att inte smälta ihop till en liten blobb i värmen ❤ kommer sakna dig!

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