Back from Tunisia

Hello. I’m back from Tunisia. Back in the cold north.. I went from 30-40°C
to like 10°C ;___; it’s freezing! oh well. it’s good to be home though.
it’s quiet. Sousse is kinda’ noisy. I would like to tell you all about it,
but right now my mind is blank. but I’ll post some pictures!

I went to Tunisia together with my boyfriend Johan. We lived a few km
north of Sousse, in a place called Port El Kantaoui.
It was nice, and very clean compared to Sousse.

We also went on a trip to El Jem to visit the Roman Amphitheatre.
it’s almost as large as Colosseum!

And of course, we visited Sousse Medina a lot. It was really crowded!
very different from swedish culture. fun, but exhausting. and there
was so much to see. I also found the king of africa 8)
playing drums in the medina!

And of course we ate a lot of good food! I don’t have pictures
of all of it though. And we drank a lot of Tunisian “menthe”
(té med smak av mynta, serveras även med färsk mynta)
and smoked water pipe. There were a lot of cozy cafés in the Medina,
but we only visited one there, since we were living in Port El Kantaoui.


2 thoughts on “Back from Tunisia

  1. king of africa…! 😀
    vilka fantastiska bilder, ser ut som värsta äventyret! och du och johan är fina ❤ och JA jag förstår att temperaturskillnaden är chockerande… D:

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