Crazy Café

So that video-thingy I was talking about that OPC made for Uppcon is finally up!
it’s for their Christmas calendar ^__^

I had an amekaji-inspired outfit that day



33 thoughts on “Crazy Café

    • oh thank you! ^__^ but my hair is faaaar from perfect! my extensions are actually really worn out.. >__> though I’m happy you say it looks good! 🙂 thank you!

  1. You are seriously cute! I always pictured you rather tall but you’re adorably short, it suits you really well! And gosh I want hair like yours. I can’t even bake to save my life, but I guess missing out on all the delicious looking sweets you guys make is a good thing for me. Keep rocking~!

    • oh thank you so much! yes I’m actually very short ^^ though it makes me really happy to hear that I look tall on my pictures 😀 I’ve always wanted to be (a bit) taller. I’ve just always wanted to have a nice pair of legs I guess.

      thank you ❤

    • hej! och tack så mycket! 🙂 jag är mycket intresserad av att joina din gal-cir! jag hade en egen gyaru-sa tillsammans med några vänner för några år sen men den dog liksom ut.. ^^;;

      men ja, det vore verkligen jättekul att få joina! ❤

    • oh thank you so much! ^__^ ❤ oh I can't believe I haven't seen your blog before! I think I have you on facebook? I'm definitely going to subscribe to your blog! ^__^

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