coord doodles

Hello! So tomorrow we’re having ANOTHER GAL MEET! O(≧∇≦)O イエイ!! gal-overload! but really, I think it’s awesome. I don’t know if there will be many people I know there, but I’m excited. This time it’s a meeting for a swedish gal-cir called Lovelipop (site under construction right now, it will be working again soon) ♪(´ε` )

But! I’m trying to figure out what to wear… I made some quick doodles of what I could wear but I haven’t decided yet. Maybe I’ll end up wearing something completley different.. we’ll see!

Oh and another great thing.. I can finally use my iPhone 4!
Now I can tweet and tumblr like all the time
( ´∀`)



16 thoughts on “coord doodles

  1. You are so good at drawing!! x3

    I think you should go with the nordic print, though it was hard to decide. They all look so cute!

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