A Love Recipe ♥

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’m bad at gifts (and also broke) so I baked some cupcakes for the occasion. I made some for my mum and some for my boyfriend.

A card I made for my boyfriend. it says:

Love Recipe

  • 125 gram happiness
  • 3 dl love
  • 1,5 dl passion
  • 4 tbsp romance
  • 1,5 teaspoon butterflies in my stomach
  • & a piece of my heart ♥

20 thoughts on “A Love Recipe ♥

  1. Aaw, that’s so sweet, something thoughtful and homemade like this is so much more fun to get than something store-bought!

    Vart köper du sån sugar paste till dina cupcakes i Sverige? Har aldrig sett det i matbutiken.

    • thank you sweetie ❤
      jag köper den på Panduro! men jag har också sett något liknande på random japan/kina/asien-mataffärer 😮 men har inte vågat prova den ^^;;

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