light wash denim

Okay, so. As I mentioned earlier I bought a pair of light washed denim jeans from Gina Tricot on SALE for only 99 SEK! they are kind of high waist which I’ve become very much in love with. I like the whole retro girly inspired trend that has become quite popular lately. Today I decided to explore more of the denim side of this style.


I tried out some different combinations with these jeans:

Jeans from Gina Tricot, boots from Din Sko.
1. knit sweater from Kappahl
2. blouse from Kappahl, jeans shirt from Shibuya 109
3. shirt from Lindex, jeans shirt from mum’s closet



3 thoughts on “light wash denim

  1. Where do you take your inspirations from? Is there any tumblr or something like that, that you’re following? Btw I love (!!!) how you are dressing so much! ❤

    From Germany with Love,

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