Sweets for my Sweet

Hello! Me and my boyfriend are visiting his hometown in Värmland for the weekend to congratulate his mother for her birthday. And my boyfriend insisted that I made some sweets. So I made some cake balls. ^-^

(inspired by the lovely Bakerella, you can find recipes and inspiration on her blog)

I also emptied my iPhone so here are some of the latest pictures with hairstyles and such~~



11 thoughts on “Sweets for my Sweet

  1. Love the photo of you and your bf! He doesn’t look very tall though? O_Ô (not that it’s a bad thing. lol)
    I love your thick, voluminous dark hair! : D it suits you so well!

  2. you bake such lovely things….seems like you have your life together, you knowwhat you want andyou do it…………….

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