Giant Hair Bun Tutorial☆

Hello~~ I promised you a hair tutorial. So here it is!

What you will need:

1. Hair spray
(I use Proffs)
2. Dry Shampoo or Hair wax (I use Proffs Dry Shampoo)
3. A comb or a hair brush
4. Scrunchy or hair band
5. Bobby pins
6. Hairpiece Pony Tail (I use a synthetic hair pony tail from Glitter)

And the tutorial (click for large view)

I hope my explainations aren’t too weird. I tried to show everything with pictures but it was hard to take good ones…

I also made a video some time ago with a similar updo. It’s a bit more frizzy but I’m using the same technique.

If the clip isn’t workint try clicking this link (。・ω・。)♪♪♪


You can also use the same technique to make two buns!


22 thoughts on “Giant Hair Bun Tutorial☆

    • awh thank you. but I’m not that skinny actually. I think I’m just standing in some weird pose there. and my mirror makes me look taller for some reason ^^;; but at least I’m wearing skin-colored tights ^^;;

  1. You’re so pretty O__O

    Great tutorial, I really like the design of it, it’s amazing how much work you seem to put into your blog, it makes it so fun to read I think! Definitely wanna try this hair style out sometimes, when you made the double bun, did you use two hairpieces?

    • awh thank you sweetie ❤ hum yeah I kind of like "designing" things so I usually do that for my blog posts as well ^^

      and yes, for 2 buns I used 2 hair pieces! ^^

  2. DAMN YOU! xD lol. I was CERTAIN that you made your OWN hair look so big and poofy! You cheateeer : P Haha! I love the buns though! And the two buns next to each other ❤ SO cute!

  3. So cute! A puffy bun hair style is one of my favorites to do. 🙂 It’s quick, easy and cute, especially for someone impatient like me xD

    • Bianca, oh thank you ^_^ I don’t really cut my bangs that often (that’s why its so long all the time haha) but when I do I ask for straight bangs, and kind of “big” bangs ^^

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