important: I love you ♡

Hi! I just wanted to make a small update about Värmland (sounds ecxiting huh??? …. or not :’D) But anyway I took some photos when I was there earlier so I thought I’d post them here (●♡∀♡))ヾ☆*。

The woods of Värmland. and my boyfriend jumping in the background ^^;;

My boyfriend and his cat. ♥ I’m gonna miss him so much when I move to Norway ;_;

And my lovely cat. Gonna miss her too ;__; and my family. I think I’ll come home and visit often.


11 thoughts on “important: I love you ♡

  1. Eeeh, you’re moving to norway? Oslo?
    It’s hard to leave family and bf and pets behind, but you’ll always come back home 🙂
    I love Värmland, especially Arvikafestivalen XD

    • Christine, Yep! I’m moving to Oslo today 🙂 But it’s not that far away so I think I’ll be able to visit home quite often ^^
      I’ve only been to Arvikafestivalen once but I liked it! ^^

  2. The cats are so adorable! ❤
    For how long are you going to be in Norway? It's tough being without your family for a long time, but at the same time it's great experience to live in another country 🙂 What will you be working with?

    • mika, love cats ❤ I have a "try period" at my job for 3 months, and if it goes well I'll be staying for at least a year. I'm going to work with lots of different things. all from customer support to graphic design. so I'm very excited ^^
      it's a good thing Stockholm isn't that far away, so I think I’ll be able to visit home quite often ^^

  3. Well that’s good! There’s a lot of people who go there to just work at like seven eleven and that wouldn’t be very fun, but if you’re doing something you love I’m sure you’ll have a great time! Good luck! ^_^

  4. Oh my, your boyfriend is very cute *___*
    I’d think twice before leaving him alone 😉
    Good luck in Oslo ❤

    • Karnival, yes he is ❤ he's actually the one who's leaving, because he's going to USA the whole summer ;___; but I hope he can come visit me in Oslo when he gets back ❤

  5. can you please tell me are those your bangs /fringe or clip ons? I know you use hair extensions to create many different looks and hairstyles…i was just wondering if you do that with clip on bangs as well…because your bangs look so different from one pic to the other sometimes short and blunt and then in your next post they are long and wispy…thanks.

    • heyhey, umm this comment is not related to this post? o_O so I find it really weird to answear this. I only posted pictures of my boyfriend in this post so I actually have no idea what you are referring to.. o_O but no I don’t use clip on bangs ^^;; I just cut my bangs sometimes that’s all.

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