Hello from Norway! So I’ve just moved in with some amazing girls in Oslo. (●⌒∇⌒●) わーい It’s a very nice apartment! But it’s on the 4th floor (that makes it like.. 8 flights of stairs) with no elevator. It kind of feels like the one from Nana , except this one isn’t on the 7th floor (thank god!) but still. it’s kind of an old building, but very nice interior. even the floor is kind of similar. very cozy! I’ll try to take some pictures. Carrying my bag up the stairs was a bitch though X__X but my lovely boyfriend helped me with everything so I was okay.

Oh and also, I found Starbucks! … almost. but some kind of frozen Starbucks frappuccino thingy. Haven’t tried them yet though because everything is very expensive here, and I haven’t got my first paycheck yet so I’ll have to live on like noodles for some time now… (´Д`)ノ


17 thoughts on “Norway

  1. ha så kul i Norge med jobb och allt samt nudlarna >_< 😀 så måste jag också bara tillägga att jag älskar hur du klär dig ❤

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