The Big Apple

Hi everyone! I’m finally back in Sweden after my 3 week vacation in the states. I already wrote about my trip to Dallas, so now I’m going to write about my time in New York City.

This was my first trip to New York (and the US for that matter) And there was so much to do and see, so this post will be very picture heavy!
On to the review and pictures —v

We landed at the JFK Airport and took a cab to Manhattan. The first few nights we stayed at the Cassa Hotel NY on 6th av in the Theater District, just a street away from Times Square. It was such a nice hotel (… but pricy ^^;;) I don’t have any pictures from the hotel right now though… but I might do another update about that later!


City Life – Manhattan

Times Square.
The place where Broadway meets 7th Avenue, stretching from 42nd to 48th Streets. Always filled with people. Even in the middle of the night. And huge video screens, LED signs and flashing lights. Amazing! It was even more amazing at night. But with so much things going on you get really tired if you spend too much time there. But I really enjoyed going midnight shopping at Forever21 there.

And we walked down Broadway to find more shopping.

For example Victoria’s Secret (♡´∀`♡)
And also Macy’s on Herald Square – one of the biggest Department stores in the world! The first 5 floors or so are all filled with (mostly expensive) designers brands, so not much shopping for me there ^^;; but I could do lots of window shopping ^-^

Also, walking around in Midtown West, down 5th Avenue and Madison Avenue I found more brands that I like. Couldn’t afford to buy anything, but it was fun to just take a look.

1Miu Miu, 2Juicy Couture, 3Chanel, 4Louis Vuitton, 5Dior
Also passed by lots of Gucci, Pucci, Prada, Guess, Diesel, Armani, and so on. ♥ Haha and I loved the LV ostrich. It was in different display windows. So weird :’)

And almost everywhere you could find a Sephora with (almost) all the beauty products and make-up you could possibly need. ^-^

Some make-up brands ❤ And the make-up is so much cheaper in the US than it is in Sweden! *-*

I was really amazed of how everything is so HUGE in Manhattan. And you can find (almost) anything here. Stockholm is so small compared to this.

Left: Sunday market at Lexington avenue (or was it 3rd av?)
Middle: West village (Hudson Street).
Right: The Flatiron building.

Greenwich and West Village. So cozy! Also went through SOHO to get there.

China Town and Little Italy.


City Escape

But If you get too much of the city you can just chill out in Central Park.
which is also HUGE. I never saw the whole park. But it was nice to just walk around.

Breakfast in Central Park. Very touristy, but oh so nice!
And gotta’ love Starbucks. And those bowls of fruit was so delicious.

Brooklyn Bridge

Another tourist attraction. But It was nice to get to see it! We didn’t cross it though. It was waaay to hot. It was nice to hang out by the docks and feel the nice sea breeze. And take touristy pictures with the Brooklyn Bridge in the background hehe ^-^

Battery Park and walking by the water

We started our walk in Battery Park and then walked up the west side. Walking by the seaside, we could see the Statue of Liberty in the distance. We also stopped for drinks on the way ^-^


Located on the Upper West Side. An old train track that is now a park.

American Museum of Natural History

I don’t usually go to museums, but this was actually really fun. I used to be good at history when I was in school, but it was such a long time ago so I’ve almost forgot it all. I would have loved to go to an art museum though… ^^;;



Okay so, I don’t have so many pictures to go here yet. But I’ll try to edit some more soon.

This is a picture from our last night in New York. Me and Johan decided to do something nice, so we went to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Lobby Lounge. It’s on the 35th floor with a stunning view of Central Park. And I had an amazing $19 cocktail called Pie in the Sky! it tasted like Key Lime Pie! :’D

I only brought one evening dress. So I tried some different hairstyles to have some variation.

And I don’t have any pictures of it, but we went clubbing at Webster Hall. it was also HUGE. I don’t usually go clubbing, but it was fun. They had lots of different dance floors. I loved the main floor since they played a lot of trance. ^-^ otherwise it was just a very typical club.. I’m glad I had Johan with me!


Woah, this post became really long. I think I’ll have to make another one later ^^;; I really enjoyed being in New York City, even though I never left Manhattan… >_> I definitely want to go back there sometime and visit other places as well. There are just so many places to see. But next time I think I need a bigger budget. Or not live in the centre of Manhattan. It was kind of expensive to eat and drink around Theatre District and Midtown. Next time I think I would like to go to Upper West Side or something. And since I couldn’t afford all the designer brands I couldn’t do so much shopping either. I got a bit tired of Forever21 and Strawberry after a while ^^;; Although I did buy A LOT of nice accessories and make-up and things. I’m gonna’ do a post about that later!

I had a really great time in New York City. But the greatest thing about my trip was that I got to meet my boyfriend again. ♥


17 thoughts on “The Big Apple

  1. Arhhh! I always wanted to go to New York!
    Judging by the pictures it looks like the trip was awesome :O Im a little (alot) jalous.. :b And i hope you did alot of awesome shopping. Hope you are going to show some of your ‘gets’ from new york *hint hint*
    btw did you BF get a new haircut/style? Suit him really well O-o

    • MariaMay, thank you! it was really awesome! I’m definitely gonna’ do more posts about NYC and what I bought. I have so much to write about :’D And yes my bf did get a new haircut and hair color ^_^

  2. Hej! ja det ska bli jätte kul 😀
    Det måste du göra. Jag flyttar runt den 26e augusti så det är snart.
    Ha det bäst!!!

    Tack! Du är alltid fin i håret 🙂

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