New York: Food

Hello again! So even though my last post about New York was kind of long, I still left many things out. There is just so much to write about! One thing I didn’t mention was all the amazing food we had. So this will be a food post!

Random photos from China Town.

On to the review and pictures —v

China Town
It really felt like I was in China. We only walked around in China Town for half a day or so, so I didn’t have time to try as much food as I wanted to… And I still hadn’t time to see all of China Town. it’s huge! But they really had some amazing food there. And so much cheaper than many other places in Manhattan. For example we had some delicious hand-made dumplings and ramen (as seen on the picture above) for only $3!


West Village
I just loved walking around in SOHO, Greenwich and West Village! There were so many cozy pubs, cafés and restaurants there. And one evening we decided to try something extra, so we went to a place called Takashi that has Japanese/Korean bbq. It’s a bit pricy, but they really have an amazing menu with many weird things. ^^;; For example our starter was a Yooke (thinly-sliced chuck eye tartare!) it was weird but really good. Then we had ribeye (or between the rib, I don’t remember) seasoned with salt, garlic and sesame oil. I don’t think I’ve ever had so nice meat before. We also tried.. I think it was called Mino or Akasen, I don’t remember. but it was something of the stomach. marinated in Takashi’s special marinade. I was really skeptical at first but when I tried it it was sooooo delicious. I think it was the best meat I’ve ever tasted. And of course we got to barbecue everything ourselves which I really like!

Takashi NYC
456 Hudson St (between Morton St & Barrow St) 


Upper West Side
Really cozy place. And not as crowded. Would have loved to try our more food here. We only went to Uno (Chicago Pizza), that’s actually a restaurant chain.. so. but the food was great! ^^

Uno Chicago Pizza
432 Columbus Avenue 


We went to some nice pubs and restaurants here as well. Although I can’t remember the names.. But at least I have some pictures! Here’s from a Thai/Chinese/Japanese restaurant. I think it was Fusia but I’m not sure.

Fusia Asian Cuisine (maybe?)
677C Lexington Avenue

Oh and they actually had FRIED CHEESECAKE. omg..
So yeah, we had to try it. It was actually good ^^

The best bagels in Manhattan?
This was actually the only bagel I tried when I was in New York, so I don’t know if they were the best, but they were delicious! You could chose between so many things to put on, and many different kind of bread for your bagel. It was really hard to decide what to have!

831 3rd Ave (between 50th St & 51st St)

Johan was very happy with his salmon, cream cheese, tomato, lettuce, sesame bagel.


Theater District
Since we lived around the Theater District we usually had dinner around there, or around Hell’s Kitchen. It was a bit more pricy to eat around there, but the food was great. And there were lots of great Japanese food around, so we actually ended up having looots of japanese food… a bit silly really. but it was good! One of my favorite places were a place called Sake Bar Hagi (or the restaurant Iroha, same owners I think, it was right beside) It actually felt like a japanese Izakaya. The small dishes were cheap and delicious, and tasted just like in Japan! (or well, it tasted just like the places I went to in Japan anyway ^^) One of my favorites were the Takoyaki (not on the picture ;_;) and the Onokomiyaki. And I had a lot of Umeshu and Apple Sours! ^_^

Sake Bar Hagi
152 W 49th St (between 7th Ave & Avenue Of The Americas) 

New York Cheesecake
We actually bought a lot of cheesecake. Usually we just got them at some random Deli or Café but one night we decided to try something more, so we went to Junior’s at Times Square. And oh my god. I’ve never seen so big cheesecakes before. I tried a Strawberry Shortcake Cheesecake for only $6. I couldn’t even finish half of it! But they were all really delicious.

Left: New York Cheesecake.
Middle: Strawberry Shortcake Cheesecake.
Right: Devil’s Cake Cheesecake.

Junior’s Times Square
1515 Broadway (between 44th St & 7th Ave) 


This was only a short selection of all the amazing restaurants we tried. And we usually only had dinner at restaurants. For breakfast and lunch we went to one of the many Delis and Cafés that you can find all over Manhattan. I don’t have any pictures of it though ;_; but it was really nice! The Delis usually have a food buffet where you can chose from different kind of food, both hot and cold, and you pay by the weight.

I love food! But to be honest it feels kind of nice to be back in Sweden and have some nice full-grain oatmeal with banana for breakfast! Although one thing I really liked about Manhattan was that they had nutrition facts for almost ALL menu’s. Not only at McDonalds and such, but even at Starbucks, cafés, restaurants.. yeah, everywhere! I know you shouldn’t obsess about it, but I really appreciate to know what I eat.

I think I’ll try to have a healthy month from now on! ^-^


16 thoughts on “New York: Food

  1. OMG FOOD PORN! *____*” I love NYC so fucking much, it’s ridiculous! There are so many different kinds of cultures, languages, services, shops and people gathered in one city. It’s SO SO SO amazing ❤

  2. …jag har inga ord, herregud det ser så otroligt gott ut! Särskilt gyozan och cheesecaken och… eller nä, allt! Nu måste jag nog gå och äta bara för det, haha x___x

    • Johanna, hej! och tack så mycket ^_^ jag har alltid varit ganska “liten” eller vad man ska säga.. men annars så försöker jag träna regelbundet och äta rätt ^^;;

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