New York: Gets

Hello again! so.. I’m still not done telling you about New York. ^^;; But this post will only be about things I bought there. Tehe :’D Since Manhattan is mostly filled with designers brands I didn’t do much clothes and shoe shopping. There are some cheaper alternatives of course, like Forever21, Century21, some floors at Macy’s, Strawberry, and some other stores. But some things that were really cheap (or at least cheaper than in Sweden) was accessories and make up~~

In Chinatown I found lots of nice gyaru-things. I bought some Dollywink eyelashes (and a case for them, because it was so cute ^^) and also decided to try a Palty haircolor. I haven’t tried it yet but I’ll give you an update on that when I do ^^ and I also bought some colored lenses. I’ve never tried lenses before, and I always felt it was such a big effort to order online (although it probably isn’t ^^;;) but now they were right in front of me and they were cheap so I decided to try. I still haven’t tried them on though. I know the brand is probably not very “gyaru” and I don’t even know if it’s any good but I think it will be a good first try for me ^^

There are a lot of beauty stores all over Chinatown, and they usually have both japanese, korean and chinese beauty supplies. I don’t remember all the names of the stores I walked in to, but I remember one namedΒ Kan Man on Canal Street 200, and The Penguin Shop not far from there. ^^

One expensive thing I did buy though was this wallet from Guess. Or, well, it wasn’t that expensive since it was only about $30. We have Guess in Sweden as well but it’s much more expensive. I think.. And the iPhone case I got from a Sunday street market on 6th Avenue ^^

Make-up is a lot cheaper in the US than in Sweden. I bought a lot from Forever21, but as I wrote about earlier Sephora has a big range of make-up and brands. I also bought some tanners and bronzers from Victoria’s Secret. As well as some nice panties ^^;;

And I bought lots of magazines at Kinokuniya (1073 Ave of the Americas). And lots of nails. because they are also cheaper in the US than in Sweden ^^;;

And of course, I bought A LOT of accessories. I don’t have pictures of all of it though ^^;; got most of my rings and necklaces from Forever21. And this nice belt from Claire’s (on Broadway), and a nice bag from Aldo (it was on sale ^^;;)



30 thoughts on “New York: Gets

  1. Wow, so many things!

    The Palty haircolour looks awesome! Such a nice one!β™₯

    I also have a question, where do you got your domain from?
    I mean the homepagename.SE <-
    Would be awesome if you could tell me

  2. I went CRAZY when I was in the US because EVERYTHING was only like a third of the price of what it is here in Denmark! : D The US is a freaking GOLDMINE for Scandinavian tourists! WOOOH!

  3. Hej!
    I found your blog via lookbook and I really like your style. πŸ™‚ And now that I’ve been looking at your blog I’m liking that too! πŸ˜€

  4. I LOVE your outfits! I shall use them as inspiration for my work look. OL power! You have the best kind of legs to wear skirts (especially mini skirts) with heels! You’re so lucky!

  5. I LOVE your outfits! I shall use them as inspiration for my work look. OL power! You have the best kind of legs to wear skirts (especially mini skirts) with heels! You’re so lucky!

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