Healthy Week: Day 1

Hi everyone! So, after being on vacation for 3 weeks and eating lots of delicious but not so healthy (see fried cheesecake..) food, I now want to to try a healthier diet. And since some of you have asked me about my diet earlier, I decided to share it with you!

This week I want to get back to the low GI-diet I did before summer. Although I’m not so “hardcore”, so I might cheat a bit. ^^;; Also, my goal with this diet is not to lose weight, but to be more healthy. And I’m not a vegetarian or anything, but this week I want to try to cut down on the meat and eat more vegetables, fish and chicken instead. Read more! –v


Getting started – Applications
I’m kind of lazy when it comes to dieting and exercising. And I usually “cheat” a lot ^^;; I guess I don’t have much self discipline. But if you have a smartphone (like an iPhone or android) there are many great apps out there to help with dieting. Some people might only find this annoying, but I find them really useful! I have an iPhone4, and here’s a list of the apps I use. (and similar apps, since I live in Sweden and some apps are in swedish and so on)

Food and exercise trackers:
I don’t know of this app is for Sweden only, but it’s a great app to keep track on what you’re eating and how much you exercise. this is probably the app I use the most. free version available!
Lose it!
Similar app, but in english! I haven’t tried this app because it’s not available in the swedish app store, but it looks similar to “ShapeUp”. free version available!

Uses the GPS in your phone to track your running. free version available!
IKEA Kondis
Haha, I love this app so much. IKEA has made an app that tells you how much you need to exercise in order to eat a pastry without feeling guilty. But the GPS tracker works okay and you can choose to have encouraging voices in the background when you run. :’D I think it’s only available in swedish though. free version!
Nike Training Club
This app is amazing. They have tons of different workouts. And you can “unlock” more workouts. I haven’t done that yet though ^^;; free version!

Food and Recipes:
Paulúns GI-månad
I think it’s only in swedish. They have so many great GI-recipes! And if you (like me) have no imagination and find it hard to decide what to eat, you can just follow their monthly recipe plan. 28 kr in app store. no free version available.
I think this might also only be in swedish.. Lots of recipes (not only healthy though) but they also have a great GI-cathegory. free version!
I think this is kind of the same thing but in english! I don’t think it’s available in the swedish app store though so I haven’t tried it. free version!


My Meal Plan

Okay, so what I thought I’d try to do is to write down my meal plan for the day and include at least one recipe. If I have the time I’ll try to include more recipes. But here goes!

♥ Oatmeal breakfast:
1 dl porridge oats (high on fibre, like oat bran)
0,5 dl spelt flakes
1 tbsp linseed
2 tea spoons psyllium seeds
a pinch of salt
water (just enough to cover it up)
1 dl soy milk

Mix all the ingredients together except the milk and the blueberries. Then I usually do this the quick version in the microwave for about 2-3 minutes. but you can heat it up on the stove as well. Then just add soy milk and blueberries, and it’s done! Also, remember that this portion is made for my size so you may have to change it a little to fit your needs ^^

In swedish:

♥ Nyttig havregrynsgröt:
1 dl fiberhavregryn
0,5 dl dinkelflingor
1 msk linfrön
2 tsk psylliumfrön
en nypa salt
vatten (tillräckligt för att täcka gröten)
1 dl soyamjölk

Rör ihop allt förutom mjölk och blåbär i en skål eller kastrull. Jag brukar göra den snabba varianten i micron i ca 2-3 minuter. men det går lika bra att värma den på spisen. Sedan är det bara att tillsätta soyamjölken och blåbären så är det klart! Men kom ihåg att den här portionen är anpassad efter min storlek, så du kanske behöver ändra måtten för att få den att passa just dig.


drink: coffee and vitamin c effervescent tablet
Crispbread with avocado, egg and smoked turkey slices.
drink: green tea and water
Early snack:
cottage cheese, fruit and berries
Quinoa salad with chicken and feta cheese
drink: fun light (probably not so healthy, but it’s my favorite)
Late snack:
vegetables with low-fat cheese dip

And if you get more hungry between meals you can always snack up on fruit, berries and vegetables! ^-^

I’ll try to update every day of my healthy week. But since I have work and so on I might not be able to update every day. but I’ll try ^^


4 thoughts on “Healthy Week: Day 1

  1. Superbra tips, tack! både shape up och nike-appen är ju toppen! Körde ett pass med nike nu, känns ju dumt att man precis har bundit upp sig på ett års gymkort nu 😛

    • Sofia, tack för kommentaren! 😀 och ja, nike-appen är verkligen grym! men jag brukar också tycka om att gå på gym. jag gillar verkligen att jogga men tycker det blir alldeles för kallt att jogga ute på vintern.. då är det bra med gym! ^^

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