Healthy Week: Day 2

Hello again! So today I’m continuing my “healthy week”.

Today I’m going to focus on my workouts. I try to work out at least a little bit every day. For example I usually go for a run for about 2-3 kilometers at least 3 times a week. And it’s really fun to use the Runkeeper or IKEA Kondis apps I told you about earlier. And if you don’t like running you can always go for a walk instead. just walk a bit longer. ^^ Read more –v

But… since Sweden gets really cold in the winter I find it hard to run outside =/ So when the winter comes I usually go to a gym (if I can afford it) and use their treadmills, or my favorite: the crosstrainer! ^^ But there are also free alternatives for exercising indoors. For example the Nike Training Club app I told you about before. Or if you don’t have a smartphone you can find lots of great workouts on Youtube.

Although it’s good to improve your condition, it’s also important to exercise other parts of your muscles. My favourite way of doing this is with pilates or yoga. and the great thing is that you can do it at home in your living room! I use a Pilates DVD by Casall, but you can find many great (and free) videos on Youtube as well. For example I found this one from Winsor Pilates and it has some of the basic exercises I use to do:

And the great thing about yoga or pilates is that you don’t have to be very good at it to do it. At least not when you do the easier levels like me ^^

tip: Don’t forget to stretch after every workout! and remember to drink lots of water.


My Meal Plan

Here goes my meal plan for the day. Today with a lunch recipe! I’ve had this picutre on my blog before, but I didn’t share the recipe. So here it goes

♥ Salad with bulgur and tofu (4 portions):
3 dl bulgur (uncooked)
3 tomatoes
250 g broccoli
150 g corn on can
150 g mixed beans
1 package of marinated tofu (about 200-300 g)
1 tbsp olive oil
2 teasp balsamic vinegar
a pinch of salt and pepper

Start cooking the bulgur. Meanwhile cut the tofu into small cubes and fry it in a little bit of oil. Mix all the salad ingredients in a bowl. Mix together the vinaigrette ad pour it over the salad. Then add the cooked bulgur and tofu and mix it around a bit. Done!

In swedish:

♥ Sallad med bulgur och tofu (4 portioner):
3 dl bulgur (okokt)
3 tomater
250 g broccoli
150 g majs på burk
150 g mixade bönor
1 paket marinerad tofu (ca 200-300 g)
1 msk olivolja
2 tsk balsamvinäger
en nypa salt och peppar

Börja med att koka bulgur. Dela under tiden upp tofun i små kuber och stek den i lite olja. Blanda sedan ihop alla salladsingredienserna. Vispa ihop vinegretten och häll den över salladen. Tillsätt sedan bulgur och tofu och rör om lite. Färdigt!


Low fat yoghurt with granola (müsli)
drink: coffee and water.
Bulgur and tofu salad.
drink: orange juice and water.
Early snack:
Fruit. (for example a banana)
Bean and quorn taco mix
drink: fun light (I love my fun light)
Late snack:
Mixed nuts

If you find it hard to decide what to make for dinner, I usually just check out Tasteline (or other recipe sites) for inspiration. Tasteline have a GI-category, so just click there and pick a recipe ^^ And always remember to drink lots of water every day! I try to drink at least 2 liters per day.


4 thoughts on “Healthy Week: Day 2

  1. You are amazing willstrong in getting healthy again .. I really admire that :O
    I use runkeeper myself cause it’s fun to follow your distance and how many kalories you have lost.

    • MariaMay, oh thank you ^^;; but I actually cheat a bit sometimes… especially when I go to parties and pubs. so I’m not very good at dieting actually ^^;; but yeah I love runkeeper too! I love that you can see your improvement ^^

  2. För att kunna hålla mig till en sund diet och lagom träning behöver jag alltid skriva ner vad jag ska göra en månad i taget. Om det inte är nedskrivet hittar jag ingen motivation, haha! Yoga verkar ganska skönt förresten, borde testa det. Men, lycka till med din hälsosamma vecka/fortsättning! ^^

    • Cat, det är ett väldigt bra tips! jag har märkt att jag fuskar en del när jag inte planerat ut i förväg hur min dag ska se ut ^^;; Yoga och pilates är awesome! inte så hård träning direkt, men det tränar viktiga muskelgrupper och får en att bli smidigare 🙂 Tack så mycket!

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