Healthy Week: Day 4

Hello again. I’m not going to share a recipe today. But instead I thought I’d write about some of my favorite foods~~ (✿ฺ-ω-)

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My Healthy Shelf
Yes. And I actually put a post-it there as well where it says so. ( ̄∇ ̄)ニヤッ here I keep my dry groceries, cans, oils, and other things that can be kept dry. for example flour, seeds, bulgur/quinoa, granola, tea, coffee (I really love the ICA instant coffee, I even like it better than brewed coffee), cup-of-soup (it’s such a great snack!), nutrilet bar (also great snack or meal replacement when you’re lazy). aaand you can spot the fun light in the background ^^;;

left: dry food. middle: frozen food. right: chilled food.

Dry food.
On my healthy shelf I keep a pre-mixed jar of my healthy oatmeal I wrote about on day 1. ^^

Frozen food.
Something I always like to have in my fridge is frozen fruit and berries. Right now I have some strawberries and mango ^^ I also bought some quorn and falafel from findus. I really love their falafel! but I gotta say I haven’t checked the GI/GL for it yet.. but at least it’s vegetarian ^^

Chilled food.
My favourite yoghurt (Yoggi mini) an exotic fruit mix snack from ICA (although I don’t buy those so often because they are kind of expensive ,_,) cottage cheese (with apple, pear, vanilla flavor – so delicious! perfect for a snack) And of course my beloved soy milk ♥


My Meal Plan ♥

Yoghurt with Paulúns muesli
drink: coffee and multivitamin
Falafel sandwich (like a meatball sandwich but no meat :’D)
drink: water and tea
Early snack:
Exotic fruit mix, more coffee
Vegetable curry
drink: fun light….
Late snack:
Cottage cheese, apple pear vanilla flavor. more tea!
Also, I’m cheating today because I bought some ice-cream… but GB Gräddglass has a low-fat vanilla ice-cream that is actually really good. but still.. I’m no good at dieting haha.


8 thoughts on “Healthy Week: Day 4

  1. Så kul när du skriver om sånt här tycker jag (fast blanda gärna in lite av dina awesome outfits och artwork, ha ha ^_^)

    Min kyl/frys/skafferåd ser typ likadant ut, älskar alprosoy light och yoggi mini 😀

    • Michaela, åh tack söt! ❤ blir glad av att höra det! jaaa älskar soyaprodukter! och yoggi mini ❤ fast kan inte bestämma mig för om jag gillar blåbär eller persika bäst.

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