☆ Ageha Candy ☆

Hello! I haven’t done my daily “healthy week” updates for a while. I’m sorry! (。・人・`。))ゴメンネ I’ve been busy with work and other things got in the way and.. yeah. but I’ll find the time next week. Because today I’m gonna’ write about something else~~

I was really bored yesterday, so I decided to try on clothes and make-up. ^^ and I found my old wig from last year 😀 Also, there was a candy theme party at a club so I thought I’d use that as inspiration. I didn’t go to the club though because I didn’t have anyone to go with. It’s so sad that I don’t meet any gal friends anymore… ;_; anyway!

Blue theme ^_^
old summer dress from H&M
bow from harajuku (a 300yen shop I think)
shoes from harajuku somewhere

Black theme ^_^
dress from Forever21 (NYC)
belt from New Yorker
shoes from Din Sko

Pink theme ^_^
bow from Shibuya 109 somewhere
top from H&M
pants from harajuku somewhere
shoes from shibuya 109 somewhere

Since my wig is starting to become kind of worn out it’s all frizzy and stuff.. I’m going to try and fix it some day. And maybe try to style it a bit better ^^
Upper lashes: Dolly Wink no.1 Dolly Sweet
Lower lashes: Jewerich no.3

Hmm.. maybe this wasn’t such an interesting post…≦(._.)≧ ペコ it’s been a while since I made a tutorial or something… maybe I’ll do that soon. but what kind of tutorial? σ( ̄^ ̄)?


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