Healthy Week: Day 6

Hello! So today I’m finally posting more from my “Healthy Week”. This time with a healthy sandwich snack recipe!

♥ Step by step sandwich:
Crispbread of your choice (mine is flat bread)
Cream cheese with garlic and herbs flavor
2 slices of smoked turkey
1/2 banana

It’s great for both breakfast, snack, or as a light lunch.

♥ Steg för steg smörgås:
Knäckebröd (jag använde flatbröd)
Cream cheese med vitlök och örter
2 skivor rökt kalkon
1/2 banan

Passar bra både som frukost, mellanmål eller en lätt lunch.


My Meal Plan

Light Yoghurt with Paulúns muesli
drink: coffee and orange juice
Findus Falafel with frozen vegetable mix
drink: fun light
Early snack:
Crispbread with banana, cream cheese and smoked turkey slices
Thai soup with chicken
drink: fun light…
Late snack:
Cottage cheese with raspberry flavor.
green tea.


4 thoughts on “Healthy Week: Day 6

  1. I LOVE how you eat! I guess that’s why you’re so tiny, although I’m sure the pilates help as well. I really need to start eating more like you!

    • Cat, hehe jaa det är lite konstigt kanske.. men jag älskar banan, så jag har det på typ allt! .. nästan :’D men jag tycker den här combon är väldigt god ^^

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