Palty 泡パック hair color

Hello! So like a week ago I was browsing around Ebay and I came across this seller who has lots of asian make-up, beauty and hair supplies. I noticed they had some different Palty hair dyes and they were quite cheap so I decided to order one. ^-^ here’s the link to the one I ordered

I tried the Palty Foam Pack (Palty 泡パック) awapaku

And I chose the Creamy Caramel (クリーミィキャラメル)

Then I followed the instructions provided with the package. Although I can’t read much japanese it was easy to understand with help from the pictures. It’s as easy to use as any other hair color. Although I’ve never had to mix the hair color in a bowl before…. But it was quite fun.

Here is a tutorial I found on Youtube:

Mix the haircolor as the instruction says, by adding the base water and color cream into the cup. Use the “spoon” to mix 20-40 times. When the foam reaches the edge it’s ready to use. Then apply the color mix onto dry hair and rub it in. Leave it in for about 20 minutes, (I usually leave mine for a bit longer) then rinse. A more detailed instruction came with the package, but I just used these pictures from Dariya’s website for now. ^^

After you’ve rinsed, shampooed and conditioned your hair, add the moisture treatment mask onto towel dried hair.


And the result?

Well, I like the the color, but I’m not very pleased with the result… It’s not very even. Some parts are brighter than others. This has never happened to me before when I’ve used cream/foam hair dyes. I usually use the Casting Créme Gloss from L’Oréal Paris. Then I always get a very even result. And other foam hair dyes I’ve tried have been very rich. I’ve always had lots of hair dye leftover when I’m done. With this one from Palty I almost ran out of it..

I used a different Palty last time i dyed my hair (I didn’t write about it though, I forgot..), that I bought when I was in NYC. This one was actually much better. It was just like regular hair color, and you didn’t have to mix it in a bowl ^^;;

But next time I think I’ll try a different brand for my hair dye.
Don’t know what yet though ^^

Now I’m off to see Owl City live in Stockholm! *_*


16 thoughts on “Palty 泡パック hair color

  1. I love the colour it turned out, I think it matches the name well!
    I used Raspberry Jame before and I wasn’t impressed either, it was patchy and didn’t stay bright very long 😦

  2. i think it looks very nice, the light and dark makes it look like it’s your natural hair colour and the colour suits you very well! Enjoy Owl city!

  3. agree with MariaMay ^^ it’s like natural highlights!
    (men, jag gillar också loreal casting creme gloss mest. har använt garnier nutrisse på sistone, också awesome!)

    • Sofia, thank you 😀
      åh jag får prova garnier nästa gång. köpte en casting creme igen för säkerhets skull ^^;; hittade en 713 som liknar den här färgen lite iaf.

  4. So pretty! I really like it=Super Cute. Too bad that Palty was a disappointment. Next time you should choose a similar color because the color looks good.

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