Okarie inspired

Hello! Just got home from a weekend in Värmland. It was nice! But now back to work. And bloggin! ヽ(。ゝω・。)ノ I’ve been so inspired by Okarie lately. Especially her short hairstyles. So today I did my hair and make up inspired by her style ^-^

And whoops, I didn’t do my nails today.. ^^;;

I was actually going to to do a make-up tutorial, but I couldn’t find a good place to put my camera and the lighting was all wrong and… it was totally fail. but I’ll try to make one soon! ^^;;

Dress from BikBok
Cardigan from Carlings
Tights from Åhléns
Boots from Scorett
Bag from Lovelyshoes

Hmm I think I need different shoes for this outfit. Maybe I need to go buy some… 8)


22 thoughts on “Okarie inspired

  1. Wow! GREAT hair and GREAT style! You always look so perfect!! ❤
    Since about 1 year you are my idol! ^.^
    hoping for new posts with great tips! 🙂 Keep it up!!

  2. men skorna är ju jättefina iallafall! och jag älskar halsduken! och håret ååh! och okarie! och btw jag visste inte hennes blogg, tack för länk 8)

    • Sofia, taack! jaa I love them shoes ❤ och varsågod 😀 jag brukar dock mest bläddra i hennes fotoalbum för jag fattar inte riktigt hur dom där crooz bloggarna funkar.. o_O

  3. Rikku! ❤ Love, love, love your blog! ~✰

    I'm a new follower.. You're so beautiful! And i love your style! ^ ^ This look is adorable! I’m in to gyaru style too! Although because of Uni i haven't been able to spend time or money on the style recently!

    Anyway~ I was wondering if you could do a tutorial on your blog or Youtube on how you style your hair like in your pictures above? I LOVE it! And if i knew how to style this, i would probably think about cutting my hair! XD

    Thank you so much~! ♥

    • Arisu, hello! and thank you so much for your comment ^__^
      and sure! I will try to do that 🙂 I’ve been working a lot lately, so it might take some time for me to make a new tutorial, but I’ll try to make one as soon as possible ^_^

      thanks again!

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