20-something girls…

Hello! so… Today is my birthday☆. Uhh I’m starting to get old… Wish I could just stop at forever21. ^^;;

speaking about age.. I went through some old pictures and decided to do a timeline-collage for my birthday. And it got kind of… big ^^;;

Read more and see the pictures! —v

Okay so here goes. LOTS of pictures!

(click for a larger view)

Oh my.. I’ve had so many strange styles over the years ^^;;

Here’s a bit more recent pictures, from 2011:

Just put together some pictures from my blog.


But I don’t have time to write more right now, because me and my boyfriend are going to a restaurant. Maybe I’ll post an update about that later. ^_^


35 thoughts on “20-something girls…

  1. Happy Birthday :D! I wish i could stop at forever21 too .. Remember you are only as old as you want to feel XD

    Wooow! You have changed alot, and you also had a punk/VK’ish period .. haha XD guess most of us had ..

  2. Seeing the 2007 pictures was like “woahh!” I used to follow your LJ back then and had pictures of you saved in my inspiration folders XD
    I cant believe how long ago it was :O

    Happy Birthdayyyy! 😀

  3. när jag var 17-18 var jag helt lost och hade ingen uppfattning om vad stil var överhuvudtaget… men du var så fin redan back in the days! awesome!
    stort grattis på födelsedagen också, hoppas ni äter nånting riktigt gott!

    • Sofia, vaaa det tror jag inte på! å andra sidan så vill jag inte direkt påstå att min fail-kawaii-period var så fin precis… haha. ^^;; men tack så mycket! ❤ vi åt massa gott!

  4. I know you since 2007 too! With all that decora boom you were all around those decora blogs hehe. But my favorite era is the actual one 2011.

    Happy birthday!

  5. Wow! This is going to so sound weird, but I recognize the earlier photos of you! I forget where it is was (DeviantArt or LiveJournal), but we were friends on there briefly because we shared a lot of the same interests and I always looked forward to your posts! You had the cutest style! I never posted much and eventually closed my accounts because school was consuming my life, lol. I have more free time these days and decided to get back online and start posting myself. I was just browsing through a bunch of different blogs and came across yours. You look so different, but your style is still just as cute! Just thought I’d drop a comment saying happy birthday and I’m glad I found you again – your posts are always inspiring! 😀

    • crimefightingfashionista, oh hello! and thank you so much for your comment ^_^ It made me really happy to hear that ❤ so cool that you recognized me ^^;; again, thank you so much ^_^

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  7. Been following your blog for a while now as I love it! It’s so cute and I love the way you present and post photos. And realised we share the same birthday! So happy belated birthday! Amy x

  8. Happy belated birthday Rikku-chan! You’re a fellow Scorpio! I’m born November 6th! I hope you had a great time and I wish you many more birthdays to come!

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