Candy Green

Hello! I finally decided to try out circle lenses. I haven’t really done much research so I don’t know which are good or bad, but I browsed around some blogs and decided to try and order from PinkyParadise. I wanted a pair that would enhance my natural eye-color, and make my eyes look bigger. So I decided to try their “Candy Green“. And as I said, I’ve never tried circle lenses before so I just picked a random one that I thought looked cool. But I’m happy with the result! ^_^

With lenses:

No lenses:

(picture not from the same day, so the lighting is a bit different)

And outfit~~

I love these wine red pants I bought from Ginatricot recently ^_^

And this blue top from New Yorker


22 thoughts on “Candy Green

  1. Oh wow, you look really great with circle lenses!! Of course you are also soo pretty without ^^ But lenses have such a great effect… I should start trying them, too. Show more pics, please! ^_^

    I love your outfit, but that surprises me not that much, because EVERY outfit is gorgeous! xD I LOVE your style so much! I want to steal all your clothes!! xD

    • Yoghurt, oh thank you ^_^ you’re too kind! yeah I think I’m going to start to wear lenses more often now ^^ these are quite comfortable too. and again, thank you so much! ^-^

    • Nathalie, åh tack så mycket ❤ jag brukar både använda min egen kamera, Sony DSLR a100 (ibland med macro-objekitv ^^) och ibland använder jag Johans kamera som är en Canon something something.. 😮

  2. How have you found the lenses? I’ve wanted to try lenses for a whole but I don’t know where to start with them! Are they any good? I need to find some that ship cheaply to the UK hmm! xx

    • Taylala, I love them! ^_^ although this is the first pair of circle lenses I try so I don’t really have anything to compare with.. but I like these ones I got from PinkyParadise ^^ I think I’ll order from them again.

  3. You have such naturally beautiful eyes! I thought you were wearing lenses in your older photos! Wow! ♥

    But the circle lenses do look lovely too of course! ^_^

  4. Hej hej!
    Först vill jag berömma dig för den jättebra och inspirerande bloggen =) Dessutom är du så himla söt!

    Dina ögon ser verkligen fina ut, både med och utan linser ^^ Jag undrar om jag kan låna bilden där du använder linserna till min blogg? Jag skriver nämligen ett inlägg om de linserna (Candy Green). Jag länkar självklart till din blogg så folk vet varifrån bilden kommer ^^

    Julkramar ♥

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