Details in the fabric ♥

Hello! I haven’t had any design work to do lately, so I’ve got the chance to update my blog a lot ^^ Though I’m trying to find more work everyday, I haven’t had much luck with that lately >_> but oh well, I’ll keep trying! ^-^

In the meantime I’m going to try and finish some other things I’ve been wanting to do. Like decorating the apartment! As I mentioned before I’ve moved in with my boyfriend Johan ♥ I posted some pictures earlier in this post, but we’ve been re-decorating a bit since then. We’re still in the middle of re-making the kitchen, hallway and part of the living room. But here are some recent changes:

Living room ♥

Now with turquoise color theme ♥ pillows from Indiska. And Johan had some nice Dalí posters lying around so we put them on the shelf over the sofa ^-^

colorful vase from Lagerhaus

Lovely little zen garden from In&Finn


Bathroom ♥

Okay so first of all, this is what the bathroom looked before:

And now it looks like this:

Lots of new things in the bathroom! The old bathroom furniture wasn’t very nice so we replaced it with new ones from Ikea’s Lillången series. I love it! We also bought black tile stickers for the wall ^-^

More from the Lillången series.

Mine and Johan’s towels ♥ Also from Ikea!
I think I’m gonna’ make better signs for us someday ^^

And these “suction cup hook” thingies from Bolagret. so practial!

I love to have candles in the bathroom ^-^

My favorite shower gel – Vanilla Apple from H&M
and a cute pacman bath sponge from Lagerhaus ^^

Whoops, lot’s of pictures ^^;; but I just love interior decoration ~~

if it’s a broken part, replace it
if it’s a broken arm then brace it
if it’s a broken heart then face it


12 thoughts on “Details in the fabric ♥

  1. woo it’s the very first time I comment on your blog although I ve been following it for quite a long time
    but I m amazed by your deco skills! I would love to live in such a place x)

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