Show me how you burlesque

Hello again! haven’t had the time to update much lately. But this weekend I went to a burlesque event in Stockholm: Duty Calls. It was truly amazing. And so many great artists and performances. Dusty Limits (so charming!), Vicky Butterfly, Virginia Valentine, Ruby Luscious and Fräulein Frauke. And everyone at the party was all dressed up in 1940’s vintage outfits and uniforms. I could stay there forever. *-*

I thought I’d seize the moment and wear something burlesque inspired. ~~

hmm I think my whole outfit is from H&M actually ^^;;
and I really had to struggle with my hair. x_x

I love this little hat *-*

I don’t have many pictures from the party though.

Amanda and Johan, so pretty ♡

Over all it was a wonderful party. I had a great time. I hope I get to go to more events like this. ^-^


Oh and yesterday it was Advent Sunday. It was also +11°C outsite. o_O It’s kind of strange because normally in Sweden we have -20°C and lots of snow by now. but I guess I shouldn’t complain ^^ I love Advent because you get to eat lots of saffron buns. We had a few. 8)

Om nom (≧∀≦)♪


10 thoughts on “Show me how you burlesque

  1. Wow Rikku~ You look stunning as always! And i love how you suit so many different styles! You put so much effort in to your Burlesque costume and make up, i can see it! ^ ^

    Also, i was wondering what foundation you use! You have naturally beautiful skin, and you always look so flawless in your photos! I’m curious to know which you use =)

    • Arisu, thank you so much! ^_^ yeah I spent hours getting ready for the party x_x but it was fun! ^-^
      I use a Maybelline New York – Pure Liquid Mineral foundation. I made a short make-up tutorial a while ago where I listed all the products I use 🙂 and I’m very flattered that you say I have naturally beautiful skin, but honestly most days my skin is far from beautiful >_> I actually think I have a milder form of acne, since it runs in the family. ^^;; but I don’t put up pictures on my blog when I have a bad skin day hehe ^^;;

  2. You looked soo beautiful!! Looks like a great event! 😀

    Och muminmuggarna!! ❤ Älskar dem, tänkte börja köpa på mig några själv :3 (hej blandning av engelska och svenska! haha)

    • Viktoria, awh tack så mycket ❤ swenglish är det bästa! jaa älskar också muminmuggarna! äger dock inga själv… bilden är från hemma hos en vän ^-^ hon har samlat på dem ett tag!

  3. Oh WOAW, every time you post something new here I’m so happy to read it, you look so gorgeous in so many different styles! Your blog is definitely my favorite blog ever! I get to learn so many things!♥ m(._.)mアリガト ♥

  4. lucky youuuu. I miss my swedish winter with lots of snow and snow wars *-*. Måste flygga tillbaka nångång T_T

    Btw, cute outfit!!! You are just amazing,

    • kcwuji, oj någon som saknar svensk vinter, det var ovanligt! vart bor du någonstans? 🙂 dock har vi inte haft någon snö än ^^;;

      and thank youu <33

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