Hey Buster, what do you know about desire.

Hello. Decided to update my lookbook.

I feel like Bambi with these lenses. Or an alien…

Oh an I forgot to mention I bought a 9$ wig from eBay. ^^

And really cute liquor!  (//∇//)
Fluffy Minttu is fluffy! 


22 thoughts on “Hey Buster, what do you know about desire.

  1. I adore your make-up. I think it’s gorgeous and really suits you. It’s not too over the top either, just right! I also have those lenses and I love them, even if they do look a bit alien ;D

    I’m so interested to find out where you got your wig from.

  2. Hey Rikku ^ ^

    I know this is not really on the topic of this post.. But, i was wondering about the wig you bought from Yesstyle, its really nice and i was thinking about purchasing one! You wear it often, so is it very good quality? Also can you use heat to style it? =) One more thing! Does it have clips to attach it to your hair? Because otherwise it may fall off? > <

    Your reply would be so much appreciated! Thank you~ ❤

    • Arisu, hi! and thank you for your comment ^-^ I like my yesstyle wig very much! I think the quality is very good. I’ve used it many times and it still feels soft. 🙂 Although I haven’t tried to style it with heat.. But in the item description on Yesstyle it says that it’s made of “Heat Friendly Fibre”, so I think you can use heat to style it? but as I said I haven’t tried it though ^^ And it doesn’t have clips but it has a (somewhat) resizable cap… But for me this wig fit perfectly and I’ve never worried that it would fall off 🙂
      I hope this was helpful! ^^;;

  3. Aww Rikku, thank you so much for your reply! I really appreciate it! ^_^ You’re are really so lovely! ❤ Im so happy that i was able to find your blog and meet you!

    I look forward to your new posts! ^_^

  4. Hey,
    I saw one of your photo’s on G_S and I just love the lashes you have on in these photo’s, would you mind sharing where you got them?


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