this home runs on love, laughter and lots of coffee ♥

Hi guys! I haven’t had the time to blog much this week. Until today! This post is going to be about decoration. As you may already know, I love interior design and decoration ♥ Although I’m very bad at Christmas decoration… I’ve never used much decorations for Christmas, an the little things I did use are now broke or missing. And right now I don’t have any money to spend on buying new things, so our apartment is not very “Christmasy”. But we did buy a new blanket and pillows recently, made of faux fur. So cozy!

Both the fur blanket and the fur pillows are from Lagerhaus.

And I changed the sheets in the bedroom to white, for a more winter-ish feeling. ^^
White sheets and pillows from IKEA. Blue pillows from Indiska.

I also tried using the fur blanket in the bedroom. I was inspired by the Game of Thrones series, hehe. It almost feels like I’m in Winterfell *-*

And last but not least – my new work space! ^^ Since we are 3 people living here, and we all needed space for our computers, we decided to put up a new desk. I haven’t taken pictures of the whole work space yet (since it’s still a bit messy, hehe), but here is what my side looks like ^^

For a closeup of my desktop see this post. I still haven’t managed to put up shelves and artwork and such. But I’ll get to that! (also you can see the hallway and my shoes ♥ in the background, going to take pictures of that too later!)

And one final thing! I bought this wonderful coffee cup (at Clas Ohlson actually o_O)

I love how the color matches my computer desktop ♥ ….. *crazy art-freak* ^^;;
That was all for today. Hopefully I can upload pictures of the rest of the apartment soon.  ^^

this home runs on love, laughter and lots of coffee ♥


6 thoughts on “this home runs on love, laughter and lots of coffee ♥

  1. Whoa you’ve a really nice home:) Everything is order:)and the workspace on white it’s a nice choose!You make me to want to go to Ikea and do shopping for my house too!:)
    Have a nice day,


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