My curly hair tutorial

Hi guys! I thought it was time for a new tutorial. Some have asked me to show how I curl my hair. So here it is! ^-^

What you will need:

1. Proffs Dry Shampoo
2. Proffs Maximum Strong Mousse
3. Proffs Super Strong Hair Spray
4. BabyLiss Paris Curling Iron

And the tutorial:

If the clip isn’t working click this link (。・ω・。)♪♪♪


23 thoughts on “My curly hair tutorial

  1. Superfint! Måste prova det själv sen. Kul med en tutorial för oss som har lite kortare hår 😀 Hur stor är din locktång, 32mm ungefär? Min är 25mm och känns lite liten kanske

  2. Superfint! Måste testa :). Har lite kortare hår än dig bara, men det kanske går ändå (hoppas jag^^). Vad är egentligen torrschampot till för? Skapa lite textur i håret eller vadå? 🙂

    • Yasmine, tack så mycket 🙂 precis, torrschampot ger textur och gör håret lättare att syla, utan att tynga ner det. Det skulle nog fungera lika bra med något sorts styling puder också, men jag har inget sånt hemma. ^^;

  3. Omg… This is so amazing! I have short hair too and you inspired me. No more boring hairdays for me. (or make that boring hair week) lol ❤

    • CocoNut, oh thank you! ^_^ you are too kind! I like having short hair 😀 but I also like to be able to have long hair sometimes, that’s why I’ve got so many wigs haha 😀

  4. I love this video (and you are very pretty too!). Just cut my hair yesterday and I’m already bored with my super short hair. Accidentally came across your video. Btw what size barrel did you use?

  5. This tutorial is so helpful. My current hairstyle(a little bit long hair) bothers me always but this footage saved me! I’ll go and have my hair cut next week:D Thanks for sharing!;)

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