It’s okay to have flaws, they make you real.

Time for a late night post. Just wanted to write about this BareMinerals foundation “starting kit” I got from my mom for Christmas.

I’ve never used mineral makeup before, because I’ve always looked for the cheapest things when I’ve been shopping for makeup. And let’s face it (haha, pun not intented! face… get it? … oh it’s too late for me to blog ^^;;), mineral makeup is really expensive. But mineral makeup is considered purer and can be kinder to the skin. And now that I’ve tried it, I don’t know if I can go back to my regular liquid foundation after this. My skin felt so much softer and not at all oily as it used to get sometimes from my liquid foundation. And when I washed it off in the evening my skin didn’t feel as damaged as it usually feels after a day of heavy makeup.

Although I’m a little disappointed in the concealer, because it didn’t cover my problem areas enough… but perhaps if I start to use this mineral makeup instead of my old foundation I might not have as many skin problems as before. ^^


3 thoughts on “It’s okay to have flaws, they make you real.

  1. I used to use heavy bbcream and other concealers…then because of skin problems that wouldn’t go away I forced myself to switch to ONLY using a light mineral powder. Yeah, it doesn’t really conceal that much, but if you use light makeup your skin can fix itself and soon you won’t have much to conceal ^^ that is what happened to me…but it’s hard to switch to that! good luck~

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