It's time to work a little harder.

Hello. Sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been working on lots of design things lately. I’m also taking another course in Japanese this spring. It’s a more advanced course than I’ve taken before, but it was such a long time since I studied Japanese so I’m afraid I will have forgotten everything x_x

Hm I dunno’ just felt like doing a photo collage with some typography ^^;;

Sneakpeak on another design. oh them owls~

Oh and also, I’m going to Tokyo next week. Totally forgot to mention that. But I’ll probably make another update about that soon. If I have the time. But I’ll definitely write about my trip when I get back ^^


10 thoughts on “It's time to work a little harder.

    • Cat, awesome 😀 ja jag hade egentligentänkt åka i slutet av maj men jag kunde inte heller vänta. så det blev lite av en impulsresa 🙂 bokade för kanske en vecka sen hehe ^^;; hoppas du får det underbart där 😀

  1. Oh my God! You’re going to Tokyo <3!! I am so happy for you and I can't wait to read about your trip!! May it be the most wonderful possible! ~(^_^)~

  2. I love your designs! I hope you can put them online soon, I’d love to buy a shirt =)
    I hope you have a nice trip to Tokyo and enjoy yourself a lot there!

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