Going to Tokyo 東京

Hello! I’m sorry I haven’t had time to update my blog for a while. I’ve ben super super busy (as usual..) But part of it is because I’m going to Tokyo tomorrow! I’m so excited. It’s been almost two years since my last visit, and I can’t wait to go back. It almost feels like going home.

Here are some things I’m really looking forward to:

Random pictures found on the internet hehe ^^ most of the food pictures I found on this tumblr blog.

Since I’m now living on a student budget I probably won’t be doing as much shopping as I did the last time I was there. But I’m mostly looking forward to just exploring the city and eat lots of delicious food and go out. And I’m only going to be there for 10 days so I’ll probably just stay in Tokyo City area. But someday I want to travel to other places in Japan as well. Such as Kyoto, Osaka, Hakone, and so on. And I really want to visit an Onsen (温泉) someday *_*

Another reason why I’m super busy is because I’ve recently started taking a distance course in Japanese (at Högskolan Dalarna). It seems like a great course and our teacher seems great, but it’s so hard ;__; I haven’t been studying japanese for like 3 years so I’m really falling behind. But I’ll do my best and hopefully it will be okay. ^^ Anyway. Hopefully I get the chance to update my blog when I’m in Tokyo, but if not I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures anyway so I can write about it later. ^-^


14 thoughts on “Going to Tokyo 東京

  1. Oh niiice! Hope you have a fun trip in Japan.
    And you can always visit those small public bath instead of an Onsen. That’s also a nice experience ^^ The pictures makes me miss japan too. Hopefully i can go too this year ^^ Miss the food so bad! XD

  2. Hope you have an amazing time in Tokyo! I’ll be going to Japan in September, so i hope you take lots of photos and show us all what you got up to! ^ ^


    • Arisu, thank yoU! I did 🙂 I hope I can find the time to write about it soon and post some pictures ^^
      oh you’re going there in September? awesome! I hope I can to go back there again soon ^^

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