Japan: Food 食べ物

Hello! I wrote in my earlier post from Tokyo that I was going to do a food post as well. So here it is! ^-^

I had so much delicious food. I don’t think I managed to take pictures of it all. But I did take a lot of food pictures! also, I played around a bit when I edited them so… I hope you don’t mind ^^;

On to the pictures! (lots of them) —v

As I mentioned in my last post, we spent the first night in Ginza and had delicious nabe (hot pot) and other side dishes. ^^

I also had lots of delicious ramen and soba ^^

Another thing I really enjoyed was to go to tabehoudai 食べ放題 (all you can eat buffé). It is usually so much cheaper in Tokyo than in Sweden! above are some pictures from a place in Takadanobaba where we had tabehoudai + nomihoudai (all you can drink buffé) for 2 hours for only 1900 yen (if I remember it right. it might have been a little bit more but still very cheap!)

I also love the concept nomihoudai 😀 We don’t have anything like that in Sweden. But that’s probably a good thing since we have a whole different drinking culture here in Sweden… ^^;; Above are pictures of a Kiwi Sour to the left, an Orange Sour to the right, and a Hoppy Beer in the middle. The Hoppy thing was really weird because you kind of made it yourself o_O you got a glass with some liquor and a bottle of “hoppy” and then you added the hoppy to the liquor. strange!

And I got to eat delicious Okonomiyaki! (literally like.. “whatever you like frying”, kinda like a pancake but with meat and vegetables ^^) I think it’s one of my favorite foods. Here two of my friends are making a manly okonomiyaki (writing the kanji for “man” on the left ^^;)

And as I mentioned in my earlier post, we usually ended up on some Izakaya and had lots of different small dishes and drinks.

Like sushi with meat! it was delicious ^^ But of course we also had regular sushi. Or well, not as regular as in Sweden, since we had kaiten sushi 😀

I love watching the sushi plates going round and round on the conveyor belt :’D

Another thing I love about Japan are the vending machines 自動販売機 that you can find everywhere! And they usually have some interesting things as well. And I really enjoy that you can also buy hot beverages from them as well ^-^

Another thing I really loved (okay maybe I love like.. everything XD), was to have an onigiri and soy milk for breakfast! ^-^ I especially love ツナマヨー (tuna mayonnaise) and チッキンマヨー (chicken mayonnaise). And the onigiris are only about 100 yen so they’re really cheap. ^^

Also, I finally got to taste some mochi! For example I tried some dango (as seen in the picture above), but I also tried other types of mochi as well. I bought some to take home as Omiyage お土産 (souvenirs) as well. I’m making a different post later about the things that I bought ^^

But yeah, that’s all of the food pictures I got. ^^ Of course I had more delicious food (such as カレー for example), but I forgot to take pictures of it all. But anyway. I really love japanese food. ~

And tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! They were selling sooo much Valentine’s chocolate everywhere in Tokyo. I forgot to take pictures of all the cute little chocolate boxes though ;_; … I wonder what me and Johan are going to do on Valentine’s tomorrow… maybe I’ll bake something cute.. hmm.. do any of you guys have plans for tomorrow? ^^


10 thoughts on “Japan: Food 食べ物

  1. I feel slightly like a hater – you made me want to eat japanese food, you made me wanna go to Japan and you made me hungry and all I have is crisp bread and spreadable cheese xD #cry

    Awesome pics though. ABSOLUTELY DELISH! ❤ LOVE/HATE

  2. Yum! Everything in this post looks so delicious. I especially love the vending machines. How delightfully convenient! You’re lucky to have already been to Japan more than once. I hope to go someday. Do you think it would be hard to navigate Japan without knowing any Japanese?

    • Whitney, it was! I miss it already ;_; you should totally go there sometime 🙂 it might be a bit difficult if you don’t know Japanese, because it’s true what they say that Japanese people usually don’t know any english ^^;; but for me, I’m very bad at speaking Japanese but I can usually understand it. But you tent to get a little lost in translation sometimes :’D luckily for me some of my friends who I traveled with are really good at Japanese so they helped me a lot ^_^ but I’m sure there are lots of people who go to Japan without speaking any Japanese at all, so it’s probably fine 🙂

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