Melon Pan メロンパン

Hello! I’ve been having some Japan-cravings lately, and my solution to that has been to make lots of Japanese food… ^^; so here’s some more! this time I decided to try and make one of my favorite sweets: Melon pan! (メロンパン)

I served it at an easter party later ^_^

To make it, I followed this video recipe:

or watch on Youtube

It was kind of hard to follow the measuring instructions, but I found it easier when using a units converter, for example this one (english) or this one (swedish). I also found a similar recipe that’s in writing instead, if you find it easier to follow ^-^ This was the first time I ever tried to make Melon Pan, and I have to say it wasn’t all that easy to make x_x but I’m happy about the result. They may not be as pretty as the original, but they tasted delicious ~

At the convenient store they usually look something like this:

And here’s mine, fresh out the oven ~



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