Falling is just like flying.

… except there’s a more permanent destination – Moriarty

Hello again! so I haven’t had much time for blogging lately. ^^;; but yeah I thought I’d sum up the pas week a bit in this post ^_^ I bought a new top from Ginatricot recently ^^ it’s slowly getting warmer here so I thought I wanted to buy something for the summer ^^;; and this was on sale for only 70 SEK so… yeah.


And decided to switch iPhone cases again ~

the jeans blouse is from somewhere in Shibuya 109 ~

I like to borrow my bf’s sweater ^^;;

some random hair and makeup. wig VS no wig ~

oh and we at TIFF had a dinner meeting yesterday. So I wanted to look like a serious business woman! haha, dunno’ if I pulled it off. But anyway. We had so much delicious food!

We had dinner at a place called Tezukuri Sushi in Hammarby Sjöstad. It’s such a lovely place. and they have umeshu ❤

I’ve also been working on some more Uppcon stuff ~ but at least the t-shirts are finished now and ready for print ^^

oh and I went to a Starcraft II event (DreamHack EIZO Open Stockholm) for the first time in my life :’D My boyfriend (and lots of other friend as well) love Starcraft and they had an extra ticket so I decided to come as well. I haven’t really watched that much Starcraft II, and I’ve only played Starcraft I when I was little, but it was actually really fun. ^_^ A swedish guy called Thorzain won, which I think was really cool. He’s such a great player. For second and third place where two guys from South Korea of course :’D but they played really good as well. I’m not that into it yet so I don’t know that many players and so, but I think I’ll try to watch more Starcraft games from now on. ^-^


6 thoughts on “Falling is just like flying.

  1. I totally ADORE youe style and you’re so pretty *_* nice outfits adn you made me crave sushi, too bad there are no good places to eat sushi where I live 😦

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