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Hello! There’s something I’ve been thinking about recently. Usually when I go somewhere I write about the things I do, and mostly about my food experiences. But today I realized that I almost never write anything about my food experiences here in Stockholm, where I live. Those who are following my twitter might have seen some pictures now and then, but I thought I’d make an effort to actually write about some places today ^-^ So here goes! I’m going to write about some recent places where I went to for dinner. Some are a bit pricy and some not-so-pricy ~

All the pictures are taken with an iPhone, and edited with Instagram ^^
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Here’s how I’ve decided to label the prices (roughly):

Cheap: less than 100 SEK (less than 15$)
Moderate: 100 – 250 SEK (15$ – 39$)
Pricy: 250 – 500 SEK (40$ – 70$)
Luxury: 500 SEK or above (71$ or above)


Kungstensgatan 2
Closest station: subway Tekniska Högskolan
I love Råkultur. It’s one of my favorite sushi places in Stockholm. I haven’t been to that many different places though, but so far I think I like this place the best. I’ve been there a couple of times and the sushi has always been delicious. I think you will have the best experience when going there as a bigger group, because then you can order lots of different things and share with each other. They have lots of different things in their menu, not only sushi (but I like it the best~). We always ask the staff to recommend things for us. And when you order together like that, the plates are really gigantic :’D

And they have Owl beer :’D And they also have umeshu ❤

Food: Asian, Japanese, Sushi
Price: Moderate


Tezukuri Sushi
Hammarby Kaj 38
Closest station: tram (tvärbana) Luma
This is also one of my favorite sushi places in Stockholm. It’s in Hammarby Sjöstad, which is a bit closer to where I live. As of the seasoning and arrangement, this place reminds me a bit of Råkultur. ^^ I’ve only tried their sushi and sashimi, but they have lots of other dishes as well. And oh yeah, when you order sashimi you get it served on a wooden boat. How cool is that :’D

They also have umeshu ❤

Food: Asian, Japanese, Sushi
Price: Cheap/Moderate


Nam Kang
Birger Jarlsgatan 38
Closest station: subway Östermalmstorg
This is a korean restaurant with a wide range of dishes. They have Korean BBQ, Chicken & seafood, soups and much more. I really liked having the BBQ because you get to grill your own food at the table ^^ I haven’t been to that many Korean restaurants in Stockholm yet so I don’t have much to compare with. But this place also has a karaoke room! :’D I’ve been here twice so far, and both times we were a pretty big group so we booked the Karaoke room. Trying out korean beer and liquor and sining karaoke is really fun. 😀 The food was also great, but I think it was the whole experience I enjoyed the most.

Food: Asian, Korean, BBQ
Price: Moderate


Kronobergsgatan 37
Closest station: subway Fridhemsplan
If you like meat, you’re going to love AG. They have porterhouse, club steak, rib eye, or just a simple burger, everything you could wish for when it comes to really delicious meat. They also have other things on their menu, but I would definitely recommend the meat. It’s hard to find better steaks than this in Stockholm. I’ve only been here once, since it’s kind of pricy, but I would love to eat here again some day. I would definitely recommend it.

To the left: starters. To the right: meat 😀

Food: Scandinavian, Husman, Meat
Price: Pricy


Tulegatan 24
Closest station: subway Tekniska Högskolan
Another stylish and ambitious meat restaurant. The food was good, but it didn’t really live up to my expectations for the price. The thing I really liked about this restaurant was that they offered a meat-drink. 😀 Yes, that’s right, Absolutely Lechery – an unlikely mix of vodka, fat from rib eye, and butter, a drink that became a hot topic in Stockholm’s restaurant world in the beginning of 2012. It was a bit strange, but surprisingly good! Although I haven’t been to Svartengrens since then, some of my friends went there recently and told me they didn’t have the meat-drink anymore 😦 And if you want to eat meat, I would recommend going to AG instead. But it was a nice experience. ^^

The meat-drink is the small glass in the top right picture. ~
And my friend’s steak was in the shape of a heart :’D so cute!

Food: Scandinavian, Meat, cocktails,
Price: Pricy


Timmermansg. 24
Closest station: subway Mariatorget
The name “Sjögräs” means seaweed, kind of a strange name for a restaurant if you ask me :’D But here you can enjoy tasty and delicious food with inspirations from the classic French cuisine but made with Swedish influences, in a very in a cozy atmosphere. I’ve only been here once, and although I enjoyed the food, my overall experience weren’t that great. At first we had to wait for a very long time, even though there weren’t that many other customers, so that was a bit strange. But I didn’t see that many waiters/waitresses around either so they might have been a bit understaffed. And after we left, we noticed that the staff had mixed up my boyfriend’s credit card with someone else’s when he paid. So that was a bit troublesome.. But of course, anyone can make mistakes, so I suppose it’s not that big of a deal. But if it would to happen when you’re on a trip, it would be very troublesome… ^^;; But anyway. Although the food was great, the whole experience didn’t really live up to my expectations for the price.

But one thing I really did enjoy were their drinks 😀 ~ At the bar you’ll find a lighter food menu, fantastic rum drinks, and reggae, soul, hip hop and world music flowing from the speakers. Downstairs they have their rum cellar, for those who want to settle down with a lovely dark rum, freshly ground coffee and taste Sjögräs’s own chocolate from Tobago. I’m not a big fan of rum, but I do love those sweet caribbean rum drinks ~ And these one’s where delicious! And mine was only 108 SEK (about 16$, and yes that is actually considered kind of cheap in Stockholm….) Of course they also have stronger drinks made with darker rum.

Food: European, French, Rum and chocolate, cocktails
Price: Pricy


Årstavägen 57
Closest station: bus Årsta Torg
Okay this maybe isn’t a typical place to have dinner (unless you’re taking out), more like lunch or hangover breakfast (that’s what I usually have here haha :’D). But since we live practically next door from this place, I just have to bring it up ^_^ Palmyra is said to have the the best kebab in Stockholm, and I choose to agree. Ever since I went to Tunisia some time ago I’ve become quite picky when it comes to kebab. Because the best kebab I’ve ever tasted where in Tunisia. But Palmyra does a pretty good job! Their kebab actually tastes of lamb, which I think is hard to find at regular kebab places. On top of that, the portions at Palmyra are HUGE. I can’t even finish half a plate. But you can always ask for a doggy bag 😀 Even though they expanded recently, it’s often crowded and the cue sometimes even goes out in the street, but the service is incredibly effective so you won’t have to wait long. They also have delicious vegetarian options such as falafel, eggplant and Hoummus-plate. There’s also a fresh salad- and sauce bar where you get to choose your own topping. Their aioli is the best!

Falafel plate with rice, hoummus and lots of aioli ❤

Food: Turkish, Vegetarian, Fast Food
Price: Cheap


Food and Drinks


Miss Voon
Sturegatan 22
Closest station: subway Östermalmstorg
A modern Asian restaurant with European influences. The food was delicious and I like the concept, but if I’m going back here I think I would go straight to the bar. The food was great, but it’s so pricy that I wouldn’t really recommend it as a dinner place. Or well, maybe it you’re not really that hungry ^^;; All dishes are served in half portions, which makes it easier to share and try different dishes, but they are quite expensive. But I really loved the drinks! Miss Voon is part of the F12 group, and like all the pubs in the F12 family they have a big love for cocktails. As an umeshu-lover I would definitely recommend the “East Asia Bellili” with plum wine(umeshu), peach and Champagne. Too bad I don’t have a picture of it though >_> but here’s a picture of some food ~

Food: Asian Fusion, cocktails
Price: Pricy


Götgatan 15
Closest station: subway Slussen
This restaurant has an atmosphere that reminds me of New York. I’ve actually never tried their food, but my friends say it’s delicious. But I love to go here and just have a drink. The bartenders are very professional and they have a wide range of cocktails in their drink list. You can choose one from the menu, or ask for your favorite drink, or you can just tell the bartender what you like and they will mix something for you. You won’t be disappointed.

Food: Asian, Sushi, steak house, cocktails
Price: Moderate


So yeah, those are some of the places I’ve been to so far that I thought was worth writing about ^_^ there are still lots of pubs and restaurants I want to visit, but since I’m still on a student’s budget I can’t afford to eat out that often. But I probably do it more than I should ^^;; But the thing I do to be able to eat at those more pricy places is that I usually just order a starter, and drink water instead of wine, and things like that. And of course, I’ve chosen to eat out instead of buying new clothes and stuff ~

I don’t know if many people who read my blog are particularly interested in food places in Stockholm, but for my own sake I’m really happy I made this post. This way I can look back and remember all the delicious food ❤ And I hope that some might find this post interesting as well ~


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  1. This post is so interesting!! 🙂 I want to visit Stockholm anytime, so this is very helpful! ^^ Thanks!!
    I miss some make up and outfit posts, I hope you will post some soon!! x)

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