Honey, you should see me in a crown.

– Jim Moriarty, BBC’s Sherlock

Hello! Time for an outfit post ~

I recently bought this really cheap dress on sale at Gina Tricot for only 70 SEK (about $10) ^-^ And as you might have noticed, I dyed my hair darker again. I got sick of bleaching my roots all the time ^^;; so now it’s almost back to my natural color.

Although I liked my last hair color, it’s nice to be able to wear my hair extensions again 😀 and this picture was taken before going to a Slumber Party 😀 it was so much fun ~

Also, some things I ordered from eBay a while ago (sometime last month I think?) finally arrived! 😀

I got this sweater for about $10 (shipping included!). Although I think I’m a bit bigger than the model in the picture because it’s a bit tighter on me.  But I like it!

I also got this Clair Beauty wig (Tan), and I love it! The quality is great and I love the color. It looks so real ~ I didn’t even have to style it except from cutting the bangs to the right length ^-^ It was a bit pricy though, about $40 (but free shipping!), but it was worth it. ^-^ I also ordered a wig for $10, but it hasn’t arrived yet. But when it does, I’ll try to make a review and comparison of both wigs ^-^


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