Inspiration: Yunkoro ゆんころ

Hello. Just wanted to share something from my latest fashion inspiration ~ Yuuka Obara 小原 優花 (おばら ゆうか) aka Yunkoro (usually models for Egg and JELLY ). She’s been my inspiration for some time, so I thought it’s time to share ^^ I love her sense of fashion. And I admire the fact that she can pull off so many different styles. But I really love her recent style of fashion. Though I think she looks great in her shorter hair, I really loved the hairstyle she had when featured in this video some time ago ~

Some inspirational photos found on her blog ~


I want those legs *_*

I’m also following her on Twitter and Instagram ~
…. I feel like such a fangirl now (//∇//)


6 thoughts on “Inspiration: Yunkoro ゆんころ

  1. Jaaa så fin video! Also näsblodet som uppstår när Takazumi kommer till henne vid räcket i slutet…. han är så snygggg *-*
    Och by the way ååh news flash Erika, dina ben ju ser ut exakt som på sista bilden ❤

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