She could be rainy days…

… minimum wage, a book that ends with no last page – The Maine

Yep, it’s been raining a lot here lately. And it’s freezing! yesterday I had to put on my winter coat to go out >_> I want to wear summer clothes already ;_; but here’s a recent summery outfit anyway ~

Also decided to do my nails for once ^^;;

And it was such a long time since I used my extensions ^^ they’re starting to get a bit crappy though >_>



12 thoughts on “She could be rainy days…

  1. Wow, hur har du gjort den där söta hästsvansfrisyren? Älskar den. Du har alltid så fint hår och jag förstår inte hur du lyckas få perukerna att se ut som riktigt hår.

  2. OMG the first outfit and makeup is so nice and fresh! Is there any look that doesnt suit you :p!? Also, like Shushu I think your legs look splendid and long, you’re a real inspiration ^_^ <3! And I absolutely LOVE the little white dress you wear on the 4th picture! You really are awesome (^♦^)/

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