Blonde wig – Review

Hello! Since I had some money left on my Paypal account I decided to buy a new wig from eBay, and I found this blonde wig that I really liked. The styling kind of reminded me of my red Clair Beauty wig that I bought from eBay some time ago that I love, so I thought I’d give this one a try ^^ And I’m really happy with it! It was kind of cheap as well, only $27.99 and free shipping!

It also sort of reminds me of Tsubasa Masuwaka’s blonde hair, and she’s such a great inspiration! So for this I tried a Dolly Wink Nudy Glamorous inspired makeup. I tried to keep it very light looking ^^ Though my face is not as perfect as Tsubasa’s, so there’s some photoshop involved 😛 And I’m not too comfortable with side bangs so I might cut them straight later. But well, onto the review and pictures with different lighting ~

Left – Indoor light. Middle – Outdoor light. Right – Flash of doom!

The wavy curls look natural and I like the color, so I’m very satisfied with the wig. It looks a bit weird with a strong flash, but I think that’s almost inevitable for synthetic wigs. Although I have to say that the wig looks a little bit bit different from the one on the picture. I think it might be that this wig is not cut in the exact same way, but that’s easy to fix. And for me I really like this style, so I think I’ll leave it like this ^^ I might try to give it a bit more styling though… but we’ll see ^^

This was the first time I bought anything from this seller, but I’m really happy with this so I think I might buy more from this seller in the future. Also, even though the shipping was free and they were shipping from China, it was super fast! I think it only took like a week, maybe two. So that is a great plus!

And some feedback on the wig:

+ Great quality and nice color, it feels soft and looks natural.
+ Great fit. And you can adjust the size a bit.
+ Hair net included.
+ Fast and free shipping!

– Doesn’t exactly match the picture (but for me that’s not a big deal~)
– Looks weird with flash.. but then again most synthetic wigs in the price range probably do so.

Rating: ★★★★☆/ 4½ out of 5


Dress from Bikbok, shoes from Deichmann, socks from Shibuya109


27 thoughts on “Blonde wig – Review

  1. Oh my gosh, you look absolutely gorgeous in that wig, it suits you so well! That colour really looks great on you. I’m going to have to have a look at that seller as most of the Chinese wigs I’ve bought have been really awful and synthetic looking where as yours actually looks quite natural!

    • Holly, awh thank you! ^_^ and I know what you mean about the quality. when I buy cheap wigs (usually from China ^^;;) I often have to style them a lot before I can wear them. but I don’t think I’ll have to style this one 🙂

  2. Blonde hair suits you amazingly well :O Im definitely going to check the seller out. Been looking for wigs in that style but i can’t really find any that looks somewhat natural.
    I guess you just have to avoid flash when you are wearing most wigs.

    • Maria May, oh thank you ^_^ yeah blond wigs that look natural (and are fairly cheap) are usually hard to find, so I was very happy when I found this one! ^_^

  3. You look really good with that wig, the color is beautiful and i think it looks pretty natural! Your make up looks flawless as well :3
    and your legs girl, your legs.. wish i had legs like yours!

  4. Jättefin! Passar dig verkligen 😀 Nu blir jag sugen på en ny peruk också, den såg verkligen naturlig ut. Jag fattar ingenting hur man stylar peruker haha, så nån liknande den här kanske vore nåt ^^ Gillar verkligen din outfit också!

    • Viktoria, åh tack så mycket 🙂 jag tänkte även försöka slänga ihop en liten snabb “tutorial” om hur jag brukar “styla” mina peruker för att få dem att se lite mer naturliga och inte lika glansiga ut… men jag får se om jag lyckas ^^;;

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