Love and rainbows.

Hello. The last couple of days have been a bit rough. Some very sad things have happened, and my thoughts of course go out to friends and family who are most affected. As one of my friends wrote “I think everyone really would like a Ctrl+Z button right now”. But I won’t get into details, because I don’t feel comfortable writing about it to the public, or post on my Facebook feed, or anything that’s not “personal”, so to speak. The universe work in mysterious ways, it’s not fair, and I don’t understand.

On top of that I’ve also been sick for a couple of days, but now finally my fever has gone down, so I decided to take some outfit pics that I wanted to share.

New top from BikBok, it was on sale so it was only 40 SEK ^^

And when I was sick I got extremely bored so I painted my nails. I tried to do gradient nails with pink, blue and yellow.

Even painted my toe-nails ^^;; not gradient though. But anyway. It was really easy, so I think I might make a little tutorial of how I did it. ^^


11 thoughts on “Love and rainbows.

    • rae, oh thank you so much! ^_^ yeah I’m not very patient either :’D but it actually helps being sick since I can’t do much anyway. then painting nails is awesome :’D

  1. I’m sorry things aren’t going well; I hope you get well soon. And I understand if you’d rather not say what happened, people don’t have to know everything that goes on. Anyways I love the outfit! The rings are cute and I love the color of your shoes. Good job on your nails. I’ve seen the gradient nails before, but I didn’t know how to do them so I can’t wait for your tutorial. :3

    • Eva, thank you, you are too sweet ❤ I'm more worried about my friends at the moment. but I think everyone will be okay. And thank you! ^_^ I'll try to get on with the tutorial as soon as possible 😀

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