Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream

Hello! I was in desperate need of a new foundation, so I decided to try this one: Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream All Day Strong #1 Sheer Silky Skin. (wow that was a long name…) I bought in from this seller on eBay. Only $15.30 and free shipping! That’s way less than I pay for foundation in store here in Sweden. Since I have really bright skin I searched the web for the brightest foundation I could find (for an affordable price), and I came across this one from Korea.

(Photo by me, using a Sony DSLR A100)

First of all I love the packaging! Really cute. But it’s not very convenient for travel.. it’s rather big at 15 cm. But anyway, cute!

I also read that the white tube is more suitable for those who have oily skin (like me), so the #1 Sheer silky skin would help the skin to look more matte. And I think it matches my skin tone quite well! Although I do have a liiittle bit darker skin on my arms since they actually got a bit tanned (OMG HOW??) this summer (//∇//) But this foundation actually has SPF 30/PA++, so it works as a sunblock too. Which is good, since I read that you get more wrinkles more quickly when you expose yourself to the sun a lot O_O

Anyway, here is a picture of me with the bb cream foundation (left), and with no makeup at all (right). I have to say that it really covers up a lot! Although, since I have kind of bad skin (with some seasonal acne traces etc), I’m also using a concealer (from Viva La Diva) underneath. But I really love how the foundation brightens my dull skin, without having some weird looking undertone to it.

With full makeup ^_^ also, I’m wearing a new wig that I bought from eBay as well. gonna write a review on that too soon!

+ It covers spots and brightens up my skin
+ It feels good, and I haven’t had any breakouts yet
+ UV Protection (SPF 30/PA++)

– My skin feels a bit oily after wearing it for too long
– The tube is a bit too big for my makeup bag. but then again, you get more of the product, so it doesn’t really matter ^^

Rating: ★★★★☆/ 4 out of 5



16 thoughts on “Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream

    • Jazmyn, oh thank you! ^_^ I haven’t tried that one. I used one of Maybelline’s older foundations before, but it was too dark for me. Sound like we have almost the same problem, but the other way around :’D but I’m happy it works for you!

  1. Looks fantastic! I have very fair and oily skin myself. Your link to the product is not working, however. I cannot wait for your wig review. I actually bought one recently that you did a review on. (Clair beauty- coffee color. I got mine in caramel. Love it!!!) Thank you so much for all your wonderful reviews! They’ve greatly helped me. I’ve also bought a great deal of clothing from yesstyle. Love them!

    • Samantha, oh thank you! I’m so happy that you like my reviews! ♥ I will post the new wig review soon 😀 but oh, the link isn’t working? that’s strange, it works for me 😮 maybe the seller removed the product :S but I can still see it.. strange!

  2. Sugoi!!
    Älskar också Gyaru-stilen, men jag har en liten fråga :/ Vart får du tag i de där snygga perukerna samt kontaktlinerna :)? De jag köpte senast var skit och de skavde och hade sig :/
    Onegai hjälp mig ^^

    • Kicki-san, hej! åh vad synd att du inte hittat några bra än 😦 mina linser heter EOS Candy Green och jag skrev en liten review om dem här i min blogg för ett tag sen. 🙂 dock skaver dom också lite… det brukar oftast bli så med väldigt förstorande linser har jag hört.

      De flesta av mina peruker köper jag från olika säljare på eBay, men jag har också skrivit reviws om några av dem. Finns att läsa under kategorin “reviews” ^_^

  3. Funderar på att testa denna. Men har en lite fråga: Vad använder du för puder? Inte nog med att alla foundations alltid är för mörka så är det just helt sjukt svårt att hitta ett tillräckligt ljust puder också!

    • Zeruda, jaa så är det ju D: jag använder ett löst puder från Lumene, det ljusaste dom har, #0. Mitt är dock ganska gammalt så dom har säkert bytt ut det mot något annat nu. Ska försöka ge mig ut på jakt efter ett nytt snart >_>

    • myms, åh vad kul att du gillade inlägget 🙂 jaa jag vet inte riktigt, jag har dock inte så “extremt ljus” hy utan bara “ljus”, så att säga. ^^;; men ja, den här tål vatten och regn väldigt bra. man behöver någon makeup borttagare eller tvål för att tvätta bort den ordentligt.

  4. Hey~! This was my first BB cream, and I loved it! 😀 Too bad it was lighter than my actual skintone, so I had to switch. I still use it for highlighting parts of my face. 😛 Also, it has little glitters. 😀

    • Faiye, hello! I’m happy you like it 😀 I love it too! too bad it was too light tho. for me it’s perfect! I always have a hard time finding a foundation that is light enough for my skin ^^;;

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