Blue Moon Blue.

Hello again! well I said I would write another entry today, so here it is ~ I wish I had more time to update my blog.. I want to do some more hair tutorials, but I wonder when I’ll have the time.. 困ったなあ~ But anyway, today I thought I’d post some pictures of an amekaji inspired outfit I had yesterday ^^ With this wonderful hooded vest that I bought at Blue Moon Blue when I was in Tokyo a couple of years ago.

Also wearing my EOS Candy Violet circle lenses ~

For hair and makeup I felt very inspired by Ranzuki model Arisa Kamada (鎌田安里紗) since I think she’s so cute in amekaji style ^_^

Random pic I found on her blog, wearing CocoLulu ~


other recent pics from my Instagram ~





4 thoughts on “Blue Moon Blue.

  1. I so love amekaji! And it really suits you. The girls and guys who work at the stores in 109, like co&lu and marpleq are so cool *___*

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