Long straight wig from Brightlele

Hello! So since I got my first paycheck (OMG I’m not used to make this much money O_O) I bought a new wig again…. (//∇//) This time I bought it from a Rakuten store called Brightlele. I actually wanted the “Ashe Pink” color, but it was sold out when I ordered, so I chose the “NP Noble Pink” instead.

Here is the link to the one I bought

It’s a really wonderful wig, great quality and lovely color, and about 70 cm long. But I have to say that the color looks a little bit darker than the product pictures. It’s almost closer to a “MS Mocha strawberry” color than to “NP Noble Pink”. But nonetheless I really like it! And the shipping was super fast O_O When I order form eBay I’m used to wait for at least a month before I get my wig, but this only took about a week to arrive ^_^


+ Wonderful color and nice quality.
+ Great fit.
+ Heat resistant to about 180 degrees.
+ Really fast shipping!

– The color is a bit darker than the original picture (but for me that’s not a big deal~)
– Expensive shipping,  ¥1,500 (about 120 SEK) to Sweden..
– The product was not marked as “gift” so I had to pay Swedish taxes (tullavgift) when it arrived ;_;

To sum it up, the price became a lot more expensive than I had anticipated, but I really love the wig so I think it was worth it ^^

Rating: ★★★★☆/ 4 out of 5


Outfit picture ~




9 thoughts on “Long straight wig from Brightlele

    • Viktoria, åh tack! ❤ jaaa, när jag beställer från de flesta butiker på eBay (oftast kinesiska heeh..) brukar jag alltid slippa tull ;_; men den här peruken är så fin så det är okej!

  1. I really love all of the wigs you have and I’m contemplating getting a couple for myself but I have a couple of questions if you don’t mind?

    How realistic do the wigs look in person?
    When you wear them are people noticing they are not your natural hair?
    Tips on ways to wear and style them to make them more real?

    Thank you so much if you can answer these 🙂

    • Yuna, oh hello! this wig from Brightlele looks very natural IRL as well 🙂 But I haven’t done any styling to it yet, so it’s a bit “shiny”. But I still think it looks very realistic. People usually don’t notice that I’m wearing wigs ^^ (except people who know me of course since they know my real hair is short hehe ~)

      But for “cheaper” wigs, I usually do some styling to make it look more realistic. You can read more about it in this post and also in this post. I also find that some wigs look much better when wearing a hat or a cap 🙂

      I hope my answer was helpful ^^;;

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