We won't get any younger.

Hello! Long time no post, again. So today I thought I’d just share some photos that I haven’t got the chance to post here yet. For example I have some pictures from my birthday earlier this month ~ I’ve already posted about it on my Twitter and Instagram, but I thought I’d share some photos here as well ^^

First of all my wonderful boyfriend made me delicious breakfast in bed! *-*

And later we went out for dinner at Restaurant Sakura ~

We had delicious Shabu Shabu! しゃぶしゃぶ ~
And then we went over to Mvseet and had some drinks and champagne!

And my outfit for the evening ~

blouse from DreamV on Rakuten, and wearing EOS Candy Violet circle lenses ~

I had a really wonderful birthday. Again, thank you everyone ^_^



About a month ago I posted about some different Halloween outfit ideas that I had. I was thinking about doing either Barbie or Michael Jackson. I ended up doing both ^^ but for different parties that is ~ I already posted about my Barbie-inspired outfit on lookbook, but here’s the other one:

Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” inspired outfit:

And for yet another Halloween party I decided to be The Devil!

Whoop, lots of pictures. But anyway. That was all I had for now.

But Christmas is coming up! I think I’m gonna’ try to give our apartment a bit more of Christmas feeling ~ will probably (hopefully!) post about it later ^_^


8 thoughts on “We won't get any younger.

  1. Oh my God I’m sorry to repeat myself but your legs look so amazing in that devil outfit, it took my breath away! What do you do to keep them looking so great if I may ask? So gorgeous!

    • Riina, hello! and thank you for your comment 🙂 I’m not currently on a diet, I can’t seem to stick to one for very long haha ^^;; but I try to work out at least 3 times a week. I did try a “healthy week” earlier that I blogged about, you can probably find it if you search in my blog ~

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