Music non stop when I close my eyes.

Hello again! so this weekend I went to a k-pop club, arranged by KpopNonstop. I had lots of fun! And I thought I’d share my hair, make and outfit for the occasion ~

For hair and makeup, I was inspired by 2NE1’s lovely Park Bom ~
especially in the I love you MV ♥ But I’m still more used to put on “gyaru” style makeup tho.. ^^;;

wearing this wig from Brightlele, Candy Violet circle lenses and fake nails from ebay ~

And pink lipstick from Viva la Diva, No.98 Bubble

Also wearing my pink blazer from H&M, golden pattern tights from Vero Moda,
and belt from D.I.A ♥


Ending this post with an inspirational video 😀


4 thoughts on “Music non stop when I close my eyes.

  1. omg how do you put on nails? i bought a few and i’m scared to glue it on my real nail… i would like to use them multiple times. how do you take them off nicely as well?
    thanks! looove the make up!!!!!!!!!!

    • chibirubie, hello! and thank you for your comment! ^_^ although I have to say that I rarely use my fake nails more than once, since they are already covered in glue when I take them off. But I suppose you could clean it off using acetone, but you’ll have to be careful not to dissolve the fake-nail. And I find it quite hard to remove the nails without damaging them, and it can be a bit painful to rip them off… I usually soak mine in acetone or “fake-nail-remover” until they dissolve.

      but I googled your question and found this tutorial with pictures, I hope it will help 🙂

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