A distant past.

Hi! Wosch, so it’s 2013 already. and the world didn’t end. lucky! I hope everyone had a good time at New Year’s Eve. I sure did! My outfit for the evening:

EOS Candy Violet circle lenses, pink lipstick from VivaLaDiva,
necklace from Vivienne Westwood, rings from GinaTricot ~

Indoor and outdoor coord ~

Silver dress from New Yorker, silver boots from Deichmann ~

also made some crazy patterns on my nails (//∇//)

and some nice new underwear from New Yorker ~ pics from my Instagram

And we had a nice New Year’s Eve dinner with some friends.
Had lots of delicious food and snacks!

And then we went to a party. It was a very nice evening.

Happy New Year everyone!


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