Flower girl

Finally get to post this summer outfit photos ^^

Also on my lookbook ~

wearing EOS Candy Violet circle lenses and my blond wig ^^

Vivienne Westwood (fake ^^;;) necklace ❤


14 thoughts on “Flower girl

  1. You look soooooooo skinny. A way _too_ skinny. Are you sure that you’re okay ?

    And it’s funny how your style changes so much. Some day you’re like a rock star and the next day you’re a Japanese gal.

  2. Erika, aren’t there blog posts missing? I was searching for your post about the gal meetup but can’t find it. I was sure it took place earlier this year. I hope no posts were lost. 😦

    • Cat, yes they are. I still can’t access my old database so this was all that I could save for now 😦 but I’ll try to get them back when I can access my old database again. at least I hope I can >_>

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